Handsome PM not working for Pakistan

It appears like that PM Imran Khan is not an appropriate person for Pakistan. Pakistan is on the verge of instability. We have been perceiving injustice every day. People are not safe here. It seems like the era of MQM in Karachi is back in whole Pakistan, but with new faces.

I remember the situation of Karachi in the era of Altaf Hussain. People were afraid to visit Karachi due to the terrible condition of it. Well, it’s not up to the mark yet.

Coming to the current situation, people living in Punjab are those who were living a merely happy life rather than people living in Sindh. They were happy because they found themselves lucky enough to live a peaceful life.

Living in Punjab, I personally observed the terror in the hearts of people. They fear to come out. Parents don’t trust their daughters to go outside alone, because they are afraid that someone will rape them and will destroy their family.

Even, parents aren’t this much confident that they aren’t believing their children to go school or academy alone. They are in fear of losing their children.

Kasur witnessed another case of rape and murder of 3 innocent children. Their dead bodies smacked a question to the face of the government that, is this how they are protecting the innocents of their country?

What was the mistake of these innocent children? They didn’t do anything wrong; they mistake was just that they were the nationals of Pakistan and they trusted our government that it will protect them.

We witnessed another incident where a child lost the battle of his life because he couldn’t get the vaccination of dog bite in one of the government hospitals of Sindh. This was a shame for Bilawal Bhutto Zardari and the PPP. They have been ruling Sindh for so long and still they are incapable of providing the basic medication to the government hospitals.

Nimrita was another flower of Pakistan who lost his life in the brutal society of Pakistan. A beautiful girl who was about to become a doctor and was determined to serve the country, lost her life due to the negligence of the country or her country mates.

Her dead body was found in her hostel room and the post mortem reports clears that she was murdered. We must keep in mind that she belongs to a minority in Pakistan. Is this how we are protecting our minorities?

We talk about humanity and the rights of humanity in whole world. Hence, we are unable to protect minorities in our own country. Isn’t it a shameful for us as Pakistani?

Our very handsome Prime Minister Imran Khan needs to think about it that this isn’t going to work out like this.

It was his words on the Zainab incident in Kasur that “I would not have spared any Policemen if this could have happened in KPK”

PM Khan! Now you are Prime Minister of Islamic Republic of Pakistan. How can you forgive the murderer of Salahuddin, Nimrita and the 3 children of Kasur? Where is your accountability process now?

Pakistan doesn’t needs a handsome Prime Minister, Pakistan needs a fit man for the office who can work for its people’s safety and the betterment of their country; Pakistan.

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