Imran has no other option but to bounce back

Whether it’s the GIDC fuss or the matter related to the closure of airspace for India or the multitude of core issues which need immediate attention, Imran is facing with the key problem that is dithering. The cacophony of his cabinet ministers go wild especially when the State can’t afford the luxury of such hoo-ha. The perennial enemy is at the door-steps. It’s not simply about the recent dismantling of Article 370 in IoK as an epitome of a shameful tragedy for the world’s biggest democracy currently hostage in the hands of fascist Modi. But at western front too, Afghanistan—where empires go to die—is on the verge of new deadly war in the wake of Trump’s recent cancellation of talks with Taliban.

Perhaps it’s been written in the stars that Pakistan is, unfortunately, not going to be stabilized in the future. The turbulent region from Kashmir to Kabul might trigger such eventualities which may further aggravate the situation here. For instance, there is a saga of events since PM Imran’s visit to the USA. President Trump’s offer to meditate Kashmir between both India and Pakistan was not without the prior context. In fact, Washington was very much aware about the Modi’s vicious plan of August 5 to abrogate the special status of Kashmir. The US establishment was preordaining the muddle which was going to besiege the South Asia. As a result of that mounted chaos, the possibility of a limited war was veritably on the US cards which would invite third party’s interference. But now as the events unfold, it is going clear that Modi has had clandestine American backing to deliberately turn the affairs of the region into topsy-turvy. In sum, it’s war that is writing on the wall.

Who said, “World simply chants the mantra of peace but, in reality, runs on war.” The entire region is on the brink of new wars. Every war has the potential of total war. The pacifist voices are on sheer decline. The moment of post-9/11 is again hovering over our heads in terms of “Either you are with us or against us.” For instance, a predictable war of words has followed the dramatic attack on Saudi most important oil installations. The Houthis say they did it; the United States insists that it was Iran; the Iranians deny any involvement. Given the already highly charged atmosphere in the Gulf, it has served to ratchet up regional tensions. Now when PM Khan will travel to Saudi Arabia before his trip to the US to address the UN General Assembly for the first time on September 27, Prince MBS’ first question to him in the aftermaths of drone strike will be “Either you are with us or against us (with Iran).”

On the other hand, the tumultuous affairs in Afghanistan also approach to dead end. Trump’s recent cancellation of talks and his botched Camp David Summit risk splintering Taliban support for a future agreement, paving the way to more violence in Afghanistan ahead of presidential polls scheduled for September 18. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo blamed the cancellation of talks on the Taliban for they were trying to gain negotiating advantage by conducting terrorist attacks inside the country. According to Rick Olson, senior advisor at the US Institute of Peace, the risk right now is that the Taliban will feel humiliated. This may do some real damage. Talks may be hard to resurrect. That’s why Taliban arrive in Moscow days after Trump declares peace deal ‘dead’. The visit marked an interesting development given that Taliban made Moscow their first international visit following the collapse of talks with Washington. It’s in the air that Moscow assured Taliban that they will be accepted as legitimate power-makers of Afghanistan in coming days if they advance further and grab more than 80 per cent of land territory by defeating US forces.

In a nut-shell, the futuristic regional circumstances will decide the upcoming events in Pakistan. It’s without that is swaying the within. For now, PM Imran is eschewed by non-serious coterie having gross ineptness in running the affairs of state. This is not the way to coup up with war-time circumstances. Reportedly PM Khan himself is so much disappointed that now he has stopped working for long hours in his office. Yes, it is the fact that PM Khan is unable to deliver in face of present system. Yes, it is the fact that the whole governance structure is rotten. But if the disappointment is an option? The answer is nope.  PM himself says that he is the fighter and fights to the hilt against the shady shadows of pessimism. Extraordinary circumstances demand extraordinary leadership. Pakistan is in desperate need of war-time leader one like Churchill. PM Khan’s last speech at Muzaffarabad depicts that it is what we are expecting from the Churchill of Pakistan—the real Imran Khan. And even at UN too, we are foreseeing the same roaring Imran Khan to present the case of Kashmir with full zeal. First things first. First of all, PM should get rid of those dithering elements of his cabinet who offer impediment in the way of swift decision making. Imran should constitute war-time cabinet of five to six ministers. With the lifting of curfew, Modi will fire his first shot. From 20th September onward, before or after Imran’s address at the UNGA, anything hostile can happen from eastern front and even from western border too as Modi is running out of options. Maybe the time has come when PM Khan is left with no option but to bounce back.


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