Stop body shamming

The recent photo shoot of Zara Abid who is a model and has dark skin tone has been criticized too much on social media because the photographer didn’t enhance her natural skin tone. This criticism shows the stereotype mindsets and also shows that people don’t accept dark complexion even in modern era.

Body shaming is increasing day by day because we live in technological world now, where people criticize one another by using Whatsapp, Facebook or Instagram. Through the use of technology people can bully one another easily and even our celebrities are criticized effortlessly.

Everyone is busy in leg pulling on the behalf of physical appearance. According to research more than 90% people are not satisfied with their looks and become the patients of depression and heart diseases and even attempt suicide. Many people live the biggest part of their lives in unhappy state because they believe that they are incapable to do anything and lose their confidence.

As we know that 90% people are not satisfied with their physical appearance but we don’t know that the ratio of females is high as compared to males, because females also face problems at the time of selection in a marriage and they have to face the rejection on the behalf of physical appearance.

Everyone is busy in body shaming by using the mask of concern and console. If a girl has long height so people say, “You are too long. Don’t wear heels because it will be difficult to find a groom for you”, if a girl has short height so people say, “Do wear heels”, if a girl is skinny so people say, “Do eat” and make fun of her by saying the hell sentences like “OMG… please carry 1.5 liter bottle with you otherwise you will be flown with the air”, if a girl is fat so people say, “Do you eat footballs?” if a girl has big eyes so people say, “Her eyes resemble with the eyes of cow”, if a girl has small eyes so people say “You should put on some Kajal to prominent your eyes”, if a girl has dark complexion so people say, “You should try home remedies or whitening injections”, if a girl has too white complexion so people say, “OMG… You look like a Genii or badrooh and lab lab lab.

Actually the mindsets of this society have confused the physical appearance with personality. People need to understand this thing that body shape or complexion is not in the hands of man but in the hands of Allah Pak and Allah says in Quran in (Surah al-Tin):

“We have indeed created man in the best of molds.”

It means man is created as the most beautiful creature on earth.

The things which should be appreciated are capabilities, intelligence, talent, persistence and determination because these things are in the hands of man. Actual grace, beauty and attraction are hidden in these things. Everyone has flaws and scars and no one is perfect so stop bullying on those things which are not in the grasp of man and start appreciation on those things which are in the hold of man.

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    Whole article has been penned down by heart

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