India’s belligerence

India’s belligerence is touching new heights. Hindutva ideology of RSS and BJP is unleashing its vicious paws and demonizing the sobbing Kashmiri Muslims who have been facing the monstrosities since the usurpation of India over Kashmir. The serene valley of Kashmir is burning with the fire of Hindu bigotry and prejudice against the vulnerable Muslim community. With its fresh misadventure the war hawkish Modi sarkar has made a serious attempt to disrupt the peace of the region.


Narendra Modi, a fanatic Hindu, whose elevation to the post of Prime Minister proved to be a nightmare for the Muslims of India. His fresh victory emboldened him and he reiterated before his bigot fans that he would serve the interests of “Akhand Baharat”. In his election campaign, his decision of awarding party ticket to Pragya who glorified Godse, the killer of Indra Gandhi, spoke loud of the quantity of venom he possesses against the dissenting voices. Saner voices in India have been condemning him for a long period of time but he either ignores them or teach the dissents a bitter lesson like he did with Sanjhiv Bhatt, an IPS officer, who was a critic of Modi and is currently facing incarceration.


It was part of the manifesto of BJP to scrap up article 370 from Indian constitution but the way adopted for it was shocking not only for us but also for the people of India and occupied Kashmir. Article 370 is about granting special status to the state of Jammu and Kashmir and allowing it to have a separate constitution, a state flag and autonomy over the internal matters of the state. Article 370 embodied six special provisions for the state of Jammu and Kashmir:


It exempted the State from the complete applicability of the constitution of India. The state was allowed to have its own constitution.


Central legislative powers over the State were limited, at the time of framing, to the three subjects of defence, foreign affairs and communications.


Other constitutional powers of the central government could be extended to the State only with the concurrence of the state government.


The ‘concurrence’ was only provisional. It had to be ratified by the State’s Constituent Assembly.


The state government’s authority to give ‘concurrence’ lasted only until the State constituent assembly was convened. Once the State Constituent Assembly finalized the scheme of powers and dispersed, no further extension of powers was possible.


The Article 370 could be abrogated or amended only upon the recommendation of the State’s Constituent Assembly.


It is worth mentioning that Modi sarkar  has violated the constitutional requirement of abrogation of article 370. The constitution clearly states that this article could only be abrogated or amended with the recommendations of the State’s constituent assembly. In absence of the State’s assembly, just by a presidential order, such a decision which is directly affecting the people of Kashmir cannot be made according to the constitution of India, but the World’s biggest democracy has embarked upon a journey on hindutva ideology. Having seen the mob lynching of Muslims by vigilantes of RSS, such an extreme step was not unexpected, but as mentioned above, the way adopted was shocking for all.


Now, when India is touching the heights of hostility against Pakistan and the clouds of war are hovering over the region, we need to take some pragmatic steps for the greater cause of national interests. Now, not only the Kashmiris but the whole World is keeping an eye on us, so our response should be sensible and befitting at the same time. Deadline by FATF (Financial Action Task Force) is also like a sword of Damocles hanging over our head. United States of America has given us a cold shoulder by indirectly supporting the version of India by quoting it as an “internal matter”. China is a ray of hope for us as Ladakh concerns it and Amit Shah also announced to claim back Aksai chin, which is a part of China. So we have to strengthen the ties with China and hopefully our Foreign Minister will leave for China soon.


We have to gain support of maximum countries. UAE, Iran, Russia, Malaysia, Indonesia and Turkey should be approached for their support for Pakistan. Meeting of National Security Committee concluded with a strong message for India. All the steps which we have taken or we are going to take including the ending of bilateral trade and expulsion of Indian envoy are much needed at these hours.


It is also heartening to see the government and opposition on the same page in this issue. This 14th August should not only be a day of solidarity with Kashmiris but it should also be a day of unity. United we are for the cause of Kashmir, should be the message.


Incumbent situation demands some seriousness on our parts. Days of political mudslinging are over. Lets join hands for Kashmir, which is an integral part of Pakistan.


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