End Domestic Violence!

For women everywhere, I stand with you and I support you. I stand with you when you scream, cry, protest, confide in your friends, or think to yourselves about an undue or adverse experience that you have endured. I stand with you and I am sorry.

We live in a world where reality is so cruel and we get to see pathetic side of people everyday. Abuse in any form is not acceptable and when it comes to domestic violence, women are being told to shut their mouth just to save their marriage with a man who is abusive towards them. I wonder why. Why is pressure always on women, is it their fault that their husband is abusive? I just wish parents and society will become more supportive towards victims of domestic violence because if not now then when? We as a society have already suffered so much.

How many more incidents we want to see to make our mind to speak against that particular person. What is so important for people to realize is that these behaviors gain more ground when they become accepted and regarded as normal, or okay. It is important that people realize this because when what is not okay becomes acceptable, women become victimized and their resulting helplessness becomes status-quo. Stop degrading women like that because nobody gives you the right to disrespect women like that. You cannot justify or explain your abusive behavior, there’s no thing to explain.

The consequences of domestic violence, both physical and psychological, are so devastating that some consider it a form of torture. Domestic violence affects not only battered women and their children, but also the entire community. The risk of mental illness is higher in women who continue to suffer as long as they won’t talk about it.

Domestic violence is a crime and it’s high time we impose strict restrictions. We can’t ignore this issue because we have ignored this way more in the past and we are suffering because of that. If you know somebody who is a victim of domestic violence then show them your support and tell them to not suffer any more, motivate them to take a step, to speak up because we are always telling women to be silent and they continue to live in a toxic relationship but why? They have a right to live happily just like any other woman, they do not have to suffer to save their marriage. It is time we support women and men should held accountable. Only then men will think before taking such an inhumane step.

Let’s not end this here because this is not the end, this is the beginning to support victims of domestic violence so that they can come out and feel safe. So just don’t stop it, keep this movement against abuse rs alive and let them know they are cancelled for life. Their justification isn’t needed because no matter what the issue is, nobody has a right to beat women. To all the women out there, Just know that you are not alone so don’t give up. Don’t give up and don’t lose hope, it’s not an option. Times up now!

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  1. junaid tariq says

    I believe all violence should end including domestic. but matter should be investigated whether it was result of mental and verbal abuse by the spouse. Men cannot tolerate constant torture which females are used to giving especially there own gender also.

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