This needs to be changed!

Back in time Karachi roads used to be the most safe and clean, Lahore was famous for its beautiful parks and gardens, Peshawar used to be the city of flowers and Islamabad was the most clean and green city. Even small cities and villages were well-kept when compared with the modern cities of today.

But then politics bereft the attention from key matters of the country to the war and internal conflicts. Now the biggest city of Pakistan i.e. Karachi has no waste management and Islamabad is no more a clean and green city.
Who is the miscreant? Its one of us for sure!

A recent example which everyone has witnessed during summer vacation is that most of the tourist attractions turned into a filth be it a Karachi beach, Lahore park or Islamabad trails or the northern areas. The photos circulated on social media of public places even the mosques were swamp with the trash.

The reason is everyone think that only one piece of garbage won’t make the entire place crummy but that one piece contributes to make a lump of debris by setting a bad example.

People go outside to have fun but exploit everything like their own property and that shows how uncivilised they actually are sadly many of them are educated but illiterate when it comes to society etiquette. They can’t do the same at their own homes also if they do I hope their Parents scold them for creating the mess.

There is no point of littering the public place when you can put the waste and wrappers in the same bag you bring. Or it’s a shame for us to collect our own garbage, left over and take back home or put in the bins.

This indicates that if the municipal authority put containers at every other mile this type of mentality won’t change because people are so idle and careless that they prefer to throw out in a hurry rather than dumping in the trash can. The thing is people depends upon a sanitary worker for cleaning the chaos be it in their own street or any public place they won’t go a few miles to put the waste in the trash can. When don’t find a trash cans fine! it’s an excuse! you can blame the authority and municipal service for that.

The condition of Karachi is terrible in this matter, everyday media is highlighting this issue and small NGOs working to run cleanliness drive, but tons of trash everyday needs a hard-headed solution in a long term, should not be just collected and dumped but it should be recycled.

Every government has initiated cleanliness drive but all in vain due to lack of proper knowledge, inadequate resources, new techniques and implementation.

Many countries are salvaging their 70% of their waste. Pakistan should mug up innovative methods from Sweden and China.

No wonder why japan is the most progressive nation because they teach social graces at early years. It’s both parents and school responsibility to train their kids about personal hygiene and cleanliness. We should learn from Taiwan how it becomes an Asia cleanest city by just penalising the violator and rewarding the reporter.

Polluted places and poor sanitation clash tourism industry badly as no one likes to visit dirty sites because the first impression lasts forever.

Pakistan is blessed to have natural beauty in all the provinces from mountains beaches to beautiful landscapes but if we keep on wrecking it our treasure will castaway.

The government should make strict measures to make sure the security is tight when it comes to cleanliness should execute fine immediately so that next time the violator act as a responsible citizen. The collected money can be invested in recycling process or let them do the social service for an entire day only then they can feel the hard work of less paid sanitary worker.

This needs to be changed/reformed and it’s not one-person job but every unit of society, the students, the officials, house wives, ministries and media should play their role in keeping the country clean only then we can sort out this issue and move forward.

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