Are emotions really VALUED today?

In this era which we call the 21st century, most importantly is the real call in town. Our life has been a workaholic, socially ensured and mentally tortured one, where no one is allowed to enter or leave, or to live a life in his or her own way.

Emotion often relate with things that make you sad or an unexpected thing which touches the heart and reflect on the face. When the face expresses something unpleasant then it is an emotion.

Things that have not been changed or evolved until now, is the emotions we have in our life, in our heart. One can never defeat them or make them unaccountable. Or am I wrong? Emotions are still the same but they are not valued. They are surely devalued.

Growing old, leaving my teenage, and being in early twenties, i have been a roller coaster of emotions some call it love, affection devotion, and yet depression. The circumstances are same, but the outcomes have been different.

The graceful lady quotes that:

The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart. ~ Hellen Keller

Let’s talk about the first emotion we have, LOVE; It is what we define as affection, or is it just an infatuation? Or an attraction to a person of opposite gender. But why can’t we define it as the Love we have unconditionally, the love of a mother for her children, the love we share as a bond between our dear ones. The love of our Holy prophet (PBUH) for His Ummah? And above all, love undefined is the love of God for His creation.

True love doesn’t play game with other people’s souls and it doesn’t depend on what you can project onto your partner, real love doesn’t hurt you but it’s a deadness promise and ones your love give you joy then it is more a feelings and not an emotion. You only experience emotion when your love hurt you more than they make you happy. WALLAH, Our life was never this way. Never ever has someone felt the need to talk about this issue? Did we think once for being in love? Or we just got into a friendship, an affection mistakenly interpreted as love. Dear reader, Love is not in which none has to “fall”, this is an emotion granting sacrifices, no demands, in which has to give.

As I quoted the examples above, has ever our mother asked us to believe in “give and take”? Our parents asked us to return their sacrifices? Or has Allah ever questioned us upon His blessings?, No, never, because this is an emotion, feeling which is unconditional. Moving to the subject of matter, that emotions are not at all valued today, they did earlier but now they have not been realized, not been made self-aware, they’re just thrown into the river of purposelessness and yet are not made worthy. Let’s just not give all we have, let’s just not expect , once we feel deeply the way we want to, lets stick to our values, and emotions, and stay a little bit closer to our true self, our own nature and be united not to defame the word “EMOTION”, make it worthy and yet Valued.

The world is a tragedy to those who feel, but a comedy to those who think. ~ Horace Walpole

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