Pappu was promoted to accountant from a poor helper in a well-known carbonated drinks company of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The helper’s uniform was no longer his fate. He was going back to Pakistan to spend his first vacations offered by company. Promotion has its own charm. He purchased new clothes from his salary. He paid 400 Riyaal to his colleague to buy his branded SPECTACLES saying,

“These spectacles will add to my beauty. It should be shown off that Pappu is returning from abroad”

Long ago, families having a member abroad, were considered more honorable and those families used to get extra and special attention of the other people of the community. Anyhow seats were finalized, preparations were made and that moment came when the flight landed-off. A gentleman, wearing ironed and creaseless clothes, suited-booted, having a classy pair of spectacles on his nose and carrying a black handbag, moved to reception lounge after required proceeding.

He had a first look on his abba g, then his two younger brothers, his cousin and a driver of their village. They came from his village to receive him. They were wearing wrinkled clothes having several sweat patches on them. Their dusty shoes manifested clean imprints of their soles. They smelt lousy due to sweat.

Greetings exchanged…

He wanted to unsee that scenario. Scalding tears popped out of his eyes behind those splendid spectacles. He wished to have such spectacles that could stop the rays reflecting that scene into his eyes. But it might not be planned so…Alas!

The days and nights spent in hurry. Vacations were over. He went back to KSA for his job, met his colleague, returned him his spectacles and demanded his money back. His colleague asked,

“Don’t they suit you? Don’t these spectacles prevent sunlight damaging your eyes?

He replied confidently, “Yes!

These spectacles do so.

These spectacles do suit me.

These spectacles do prevent sunlight from entering my eyes.

But my eyes have seen such heart-rending scenes behind these spectacles that my eyes don’t allow me to wear these again. These spectacles might have hindered sunlight from entering my eyes but these spectacles have enlightened my soul from an inner light indeed…That inner sparkle enables me now to see things differently.”

Deep inside him, Pappu apprehended that a man’s honour is in his family’s honour. The internal serenity that a man achieves by fulfilling the necessities of his near and dear ones, can never be achieved by wearing those spectacles…

Laughters exchanged.

Pappu took his amount and left to parcel those 400 Riyaal to his family saying his colleague,

“Whatever we give others and do for others, whether it’s good or bad; each and every bit of it is destined to be returned to us, sooner or later…”

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    Rana Usman Jahangir

  2. Demont says

    OMG ! Its wonderful piece of writing which leave no one sane and calm.
    The pauses , swinging scenes and the overall script/ plot of this blog is immensely admirable .
    Its amazingly perfect and makes the reader transported into the reality phase of our living.
    Well Done Brother! Keep it up !

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