Climate Change Is A Moral Issue

The new technological era has given the humans a lot of things to process and to be benefited by. Sometimes we would think about improving our lifestyles to a mere change in our utilities. We often forget that our actions have certain consequences. We neglect that our day to day activities are putting a huge burden on all of us and also on the atmosphere. From driving our cars to the nearest place, we don’t think about the fuel that is burning and directly emitting in the environment. Just because we don’t understand that in fact, we are the ones bringing all the atmospheric change.

The factories, let alone in one region is burning tons of Carbon to obtain energy, while the world is moving towards renewable sources of energy but still the developing countries are on the same beginning point and their progress has been static for a long time. The changing environment has introduced us to the Dangerous phenomenon of Climate Change. Which itself is a fact. The Climate is changing day to day and all we are doing is blaming each other and blaming neighboring countries, but have we ever considered ourselves being the culprits? We prefer a luxurious lifestyle over anything. We would never use public transport, we would always prefer the vehicle of our own; because it is convenient but do we ever think about what is convenient for our Environment. I have seen people throwing water bottles and garbage out of the windows of their air-conditioned vehicles, why they can’t throw it in the collective garbage storage, why is it too hard to follow some simple rules? Maybe it has something to do with our attitudes; the lethargy that we exhibit, which in return constrains us from doing anything ethical in itself. The governments would come and go, while making a lot of policies related to the environment and our climate, but are these policies worth it when there would be no implementation when our nation is so drawn towards the conventional methods of living life. We have an open supply of water; we are rich enough to buy water bottles but what about the people those are underprivileged?  What about the areas that are filled with flooded water? What about the areas swiped out by the hurricanes?  These all are consequences of our relentless actions. The power of credibility and belonging is fading away with each day and we are suffering twice even the last time.

If we talk about change, then there is no possible way to bring change unless it rises from within. The change in our attitudes, in our eating habits, in our day to day tasks. Countries like Denmark, Sweden, and Switzerland, etc. are considered to be the most sustainable regions of the world. It is because their citizens are responsible for their actions. They prefer bicycles over motor vehicles. They would use public transportation. They would also minimize plastic use. The industry and innovation are also being followed there but they understand the power of moral values and how these can change their environment and living for good.

Our nation is suffering, each day, thousands of people are dying.  The drawback of our progress is not focusing on our roots. The environmental degradation is one of the major consequences of our actions.

The civilization that started from the mid-19th century has caused enough damage to our natural habitat. The burning of fossil fuels, draining the pollutants into the river bodies, throwing trash at every corner of the road, usage of water without any control mechanisms, relentless use of non-renewable energy, not taking personal responsibility for our damaging daily life choices and lack of awareness are the factors contributing most to our moral and ethical values regarding the environment.

The need for this time is to identify the problems and issues that are related to our behaviors. Social behavior includes the preferences that we chose for ourselves and others living in our surroundings. If we keep walking on the same track then there will be a time where we would lose everything, including our habitat and the facilities that we cherish the most.

To identify the problems in our society and our behaviors, we should reconsider our options and question our morals. To have a sustainable future ahead, the adverse effects of Climate Change must be mitigated. The time of havoc is so near, but most of us still neglect it and do not take part in constructing the environment for future generations rather destructing it for them. To save ourselves and our generations to come, we have to save the environment first.

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