The Power Of You

The word “YOU” is for you and you are the one who can change the world. I know it seems funny that how can I change the world but trust me you are the one who can. If not the whole world but you can definitely change your world.

Orison Sweit Marden said:

“There are powers inside of you which, if you could discover and usewould make of you everything you ever dreamed or imagined you could become.”

  • Why I am not happy?
  • Why does it happen to me?
  • Why I am so Unlucky?
  • Why I cannot enjoy my life like others?
  • Why I cannot do this?

These are the questions which you ask many times with yourself. Remember that to get something, to be happy, to fulfill your dreams, first of all you have to judge yourself that “Who You Are?” and once you get the answer of it then life will surely become so easy for you.

Now the people ask that we are confuse that from where should we start to find out ourselves?

  • First of all stop making only negative judgment about yourself because till you do not stop thinking negative about you, you cannot go towards positivity.
  • When you stop thinking negative then be sincere with yourself and try to find out your mistakes.
  • Remove all the feelings which make you feel that you are worthless and insignificant.

Never take decision when you are thinking about the moment when you were selfish or insignificant. Be true with yourself and start to ask questions from yourself that

  • Am I lucky?
  • Am I generous?
  • Am I helpful for others?
  • Am I grateful?

and when you think about the moment when you were one of them so you must feel happy and satisfied with yourself and if you feel that you are not the great person then ask yourself that “How Can I Be?” and literally the many ideas will start coming in your mind with whom you can change yourself but if you are not interested to ask yourself that how can I be? So this is the reason you are not a good and happy person yet.

In your life always be ready for change, regardless of your age, if you are breathing, then you are always ready to change. It might be in a relationship, a career, an old habit, an anger issue or something that is really effecting your life.

In the progress of changing yourself ask the questions from yourself as much as you can. This is true that you cannot tell a lie with yourself because the answer will not satisfy you and you will know that you are telling a lie with yourself so try to be generous. When you ask questions with yourself then add these questions too

  • Am I generous enough with myself?
  • Do I really focus on the best things rather than which is the worst for me?
  • Do I respect myself?
  • Do I try to change or just think about it?

And when you think that you have made the decision to change then start to apply all the questions you have thought to change yourself. In my opinion, apply one or two things daily in your life and repeat them at least one week. Then next week apply more things in this way you will be able to change yourself and it won’t seem hard as well. During this period of change do not forget to take 15 mints for yourself daily. In these minutes ask yourself that are you really feeling some changes in yourself and what are the effect they are giving in your life? In this way your life will be so easy and peaceful soon.

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    May Allah bless you with much more my love ♥♥

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    MashaAllahMay Allah give you more ways to exprees your talent The power of you truly a wonderfull blog i have seen❤good effort

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    Your thoughts are very inspiring and the the way you have been convey your thoughts is amazing, and yes you we have the’ power of you’

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