Timesaco – A New E-Services Brand in Pakistan

When we talk about startups in Pakistan, we have number of examples especially in e-commerce sector. Pakistan is one of the country where internet got expansion very rapidly and we have millions of active internet users. People are using internet for shopping, riding, sale purchase of things, property, and food and in so many other things. We know many names which are working across Pakistan and facilitating to their consumers through multiple services.

Another name joined Pakistan’s e-commerce market and started multiple online services in Pakistan, Timesaco. It’s a new brand started its online services including Taxi, delivery, cargo, events, moving media and multiple other. Timesaco has started its services in Islamabad and Rawalpindi and later it will start its business in other cities.

Timesaco offering multiple options for its consumers and business partners, like the consumers will have option of live tracking and monitoring. Timesaco provide its services on very adorable rates, especially in delivery. Timesaco named this service as Instant Delivery, it means the company is giving different time frames for delivery services. You can send anything within the city in 30 minutes, 60 and 120 minutes. All three options have different rates, for sure these rates are affordable.

Company also offering insurance option for its consumers so people have no worry about their items, they can send anything within city without any fear. On other hand, company offering multiple features for its partners. Here partners means the people who are working with Timesaco but they are not workers, the company called them business partner. These partners have no time bounding, it means they can give their services as per their ease. A car driver and a biker can work with company whenever he want to work. Timesaco is giving 97 % revenue to its partners while other companies are giving almost 75 %. It’s a big news for those who are right now working with other services. Timesaco’s taxi service is working with the name of “Buraq”, App is available at Google Play Store.

Timesaco formed a Buraq Club for its business partners where the company will spent 1 % of its 3 % for the welfare of the drivers and bike riders. Club will facilitate them through medical facilities, financial supports, discounts on different products, and multiple other features. It means the company is just earning 2 % and 98 % is giving to its Captains.

It’s a big breakthrough for Pakistan’s e-commerce sector because Timesaco facilitating to its customers and partners at the same time. The company is working in other fields as well like company will provide facility to its customers that they can place their brands on moving cars for the purpose of promotion. Company also designed a platform for the events, where Timesaco will call to sponsors to invest and get results through promotion of their brands. Timesaco funding to needy people through revenue of events. So the company started multiple services for Pakistanis. Timesaco also creating big opportunity for unemployed people and giving them chance to earn through multiple ways. Timesaco’s job creation will support Pakistani economy as well. People will get jobs and will get business opportunities. Right now, we don’t have any company which is providing such services on very affordable rates and offering multiple features for customers and business partners. I am sure this company will become the leading company In Pakistan and will generate very good results from customers and for those who will join this company for business purposes. I think government should also appreciate these startups and encourage people who are working for the betterment of the people and country.

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  1. Ashir Moeen says

    well explained Young Man we need thinkers and executers in our country.

  2. Aamir says

    Is it Chinese company? Do you know their confusion?

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