Banning the buzz words in Parliament?

People who have been keeping track of Parliamentary proceedings of last week or so, are aware of a new buzz word ‘ Selected’ being used for the Prime Minister of Pakistan. This word had been doing rounds in the parliament in the past as well. The only difference being no one tagged with this word before had tried to rebuff the word and brush aside it with this much might. The acting speaker – responsible with putting the house in order- was so much annoyed with the word that he banned the word in parliamentary proceedings and ordered this word not be made part of the parliamentary record. Banning this word gave it what the joint opposition was unable to give (it became the buzz word in Media as well as Parliament).

When a member from the Opposition party was asked not to use the word ‘Selected’ for the PM Imran Khan, all the members of the opposition parties present in the Parliament rallied behind that elected member and chanted slogans against this draconian order of banning the word. Genesis of this word could be traced back to the allegations of the opposition that PTI’s government wasn’t elected on votes of the public rather it was selected by the unforeseen hands of the establishment. This allegation wasn’t new to the people of Pakistan. Following every elections in the short democratic history of Pakistan, every losing party saw the hidden hand of the establishment function behind the victory of the winning party. Winning candidate claiming to have confidence of the general public reposed in him and losing side accusing the former of being the pawn of the establishment and hence playing a second fiddle, became a new normal for the people of Pakistan.

But this happened for the first time –the government and the opposition parties taking on each other on the word ‘selected’. As if there was paucity of issues to discuss in the parliament regarding woes of a common man, so the government benches decided to settle this issue of false labeling -least important- once and for all. The opposition seems vindicated in their stance when they claim the Government benches cannot stand any word or claim voiced from the opposition benches because in the eyes of the former the latter are but ‘liars and looters’. It also seems inappropriate to ban words of the opposition benches when the government is faced with more dire issues of wooing their voters and the general Public viz- a- viz increased inflation and crippled economy.

Past experiences and history suggest that now important issues like debating on budget and pointing towards lacunas in it would be drowned by fierce speeches of banning and unbanning words. Media [like politicians] are also bent upon pushing the important issues to the back burner and giving prime time to non-issues. This is a new thing in ‘New Pakistan’ where average performance of the government is covered by creating storms in the Tea cup.

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  1. akmal moemin says

    pple like u amaze me u live under dictatorship & ur happy with everything , and i dont mean musharraf i mean nawaz & zardari ,what i mean by that is how many pple did they trod over & how many ppls property etc they just took for themselves & how many pple did they & their cronies put in jail just because they could & as for performances off governments it is because of past rulers that pak is in a mess (if u want one to one debate on that i can give u that no prob) and as for the likes billo calling anyone anything thats a joke in itself .one thing that really winds me up is how the fools of pak bring pak army into disrepute when ever they like (it is cus of the army u still have pak) i live in uk and dare for some one to comment abt uk arm forces as they do in pak ,and please dont give me rubbish about how the army in uk does not get involved in politics cus answer to that would be we in uk dont have leaders like zardari & nawaz who would sell uk out either ,and what happens in uk or usa behind closed doors u lot dont know and thats where the powerful make decisions the face at front is not always the one making the decisions that i can guarantee u

  2. Muhammad Ishaq Rasheed says

    First, there’s nothing written against the armed force of Pakistan in this article, only amateur behaviour of political parties. Second, there’s no qualms about the performance of the incumbent government being worse; dollar has touched 162 and pound 205 intra day today. Ask some average salaried person how is he going to pay his utility bills after news of 200% gas price surge and electricity price hike, let alone pay other household expenses. 6 months into the government, and the entire economic team has been hauled, that alone speaks volumes about the failure of government on the economic front.

    1. akmal moemin says

      let me explain something to you out of ur own writing the word selected is indirectly pointing to army ,so you by defending the word agree with what the partys are indicating to & and as the dollar & wages etc which part did u not understand that it is the past rulers who brought pak to where it is, i will ask u something if i took a child under my from a young & after 30 years returned to u with no education, unhealthy ,addicted to gambling,abusive ,no job,in debt ,smoker,drinking problems & said to u sort him out in 6 months what would u say .so in another words wake up appreciate you got pm who is going do his best pak not for himself

  3. Muhammad Ishaq Rasheed says

    Of course ‘by hand of establishment includes army [but not only] amongst others’. But I discussed that there are more important issues than stretching debates on this one. For second part of your comment, find some speeches of Mr. Khan from his opposition days, you’ll find out he claimed to set things in a matter of days. One year down the line and zero reforms. Where are police reforms; what about health and education reforms.

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