Privilege Of Being Youngest In Family

Leisurely I enjoyed my cup of tea. Scrolling through the pages of my favorite book I sipped my tea and relaxed a bit after spending a knackering day at university. Slumped shoulders and sore neck finally getting the time to exhale. In between my all so calm conversation with the pages of a book I hear a high pitched yelp for help. For a minute like a stubborn kid I stay where I’m and pretend I didn’t heard a single voice.

But within seconds “ANEE” is chanted again and again. Finally after rolling my eyes for a million times and sighing at my forever bad luck I turn to see what emergency might have excited my sister this much. When I enter her bedroom she’s already in bed and I wonder “what does she want from me?” and that’s the exact question I asked her. To which she solemnly replied

“Anee please put the quilt over my body”

I just stood there, baffled from head to toe. I mean seriously she called me just to put quilt over her body. She could use her own hands but she prefers calling me from the other end of the house for just this trifle matter. This is just one of the very things that happen to people like me. People who are privileged as youngest siblings. Our families are sometimes oblivious how much they test our patience. Being the youngest sibling has its perks and all but it’s an exhausting job as well.

You’re obliged to obey almost anyone and everyone. Well this isn’t tough that’s what you might be thinking. But at times obedience hits you like apocalypse. In the middle of the night your sister asks you to fetch her a glass of water. In that moment all you wanna say is “why don’t you do it yourself” but even if you say that you’ll still be the one who’s walking to kitchen and getting her a glass of water.

There are times in life when I wanted to ask God when did I signed up for all this. People think they only ask youngest siblings to do minor chores but they don’t evaluate how many minor chores they put unto the yoke of young ones. And beyond all the things I’ve experienced I came to an analysis that the survival of younger siblings in this world is really impossible at times. Being the youngest your family never expose you to the hardships and other demons that wait for us in this society.

There are so many walls around us before we finally are exposed to this world. And ultimately each wall being shattered resounds its echo and inertia unto us. It’s really the biggest cost that we pay for being the youngest.

I just missed the part that nobody actually listens to you because of your lack of experience. How badly you wish sometimes that someone at least someone would listen to you. I serve as a trustworthy ear to all my siblings but when it comes to me I don’t think they believe I have a mouth.

So coming back to my story I showered the body of my sister with the quilt and left the room. Back in the ecstasy of my novel and tea. Finally I settled in a comfortable position when I heard my sister call out my name again. And yelled out loud “what now?”

“Turn off the lights”

This is exactly what being the youngest sibling is like. Your significant others with whom you share a bond of blood don’t give a damn about your situation or circumstances.

Sighing I left my spot and turned off the lights and rather than turning back to my book I just laid beside cuddling with her while she kept complaining that keep your cold feet away. I just savored how being the youngest at least I get to yearn the warm ambience of my siblings. Being the youngest is difficult but youngest siblings are the most loved creatures at home as well. It’s like a crown and I would never deliberately abdicate this throne to anyone.

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