How To Catch A Fish

Being a spectator I try to take in every little detail possible and maybe it’s the reason why I came across that galvanic flex. I mean we definitely come across hundreds to thousands flex a day. Around millions of words splattered across the sheet of cloth by the aid of ink. Some of these flex worth watching once and even twice while the others can’t even attract the person to take a glimpse of it.

And while passing the road, I not really came across an out of the blue thing but it felt really outlandish to witness such a thing. At the kamahan metro station, I actually noticed how haphazardly four flex’ were being hung by the side of metal rods of metro bus station. And before awaking a wave of anger inside me I roared with laughter. Well I would break the ice and brief what I saw, or perhaps should I keep blabbering and reveal it at the end.

I witnessed three layers of beautiful flex’. The first layer of flex was of “STEPS”, second layer of “STAR INSTITUTE”, the third layer of “KIPS” and last layer “STARS ACADEMY”. I hope you all to understand it’s not an act to demure any of them. But I’m just trying to bring to light the major business and mean of earning in our society. A kid who has just given the F.Sc exams is like a fish in the pond and literally all the institutes are the nets and their bait is MDCAT and ECAT. That hungry naïve fish plunge unto the first parasite been offered to it.

The irony is that fish had been under the yoke of this parasite bait from the time of matriculation this fair pond is last stage. The last move I believe these institutes have is mdcat and ecat.  These institutes plaster there posters unto the minds of the students, and I believe they consider these students just as a source of income.

I would just quote the incident of a small academy while I was in 10th standard. This local academy in that year started mdcat and ecat classes. What I can claim without any evidence that they earned a lot and what they basically did was to get their hands unto the test paper of one of the famous institute of MDCAT and ECAT, and plagiarize their content. If you’re looking for ways to earn money in summer season this trick could make you earn a lot I guarantee. Just buy a few notes from these leading institutes and use them as your own.

Summer is the fishing season of students. Before the fishing season there is constant seminar conduction. And I’m obliged to write here that during that seminar the fishing experts revolve your entire life in flashes in front you. While sitting there all you can think is that “how can someone know so much about me? Or “It’s so me”. You are paralyzed in those very moments believe me. You are left on an open road in that seminar and you’re alone on that open road. You’re left stranded to choose which path to choose. Let me share my own experience when I was in one of those before even the seminar ended I had my decision that I’m going to this very institute. And I wasn’t alone thousands of students sitting there thought the same. What’s the biggest move to trap the fish these seminars.

They take you to a medical college auditorium if you’re to take MDCAT and to an engineering university auditorium if you’re to take ECAT. I know it might not sound cliché or anything perhaps it might sound motivational but as a fish (student) it just shoot up the locked down emotions, its motivational I admit but just a part of the trap. These fishers use these locked up emotions to catch us. In this seminar these institutes make you believe you haven’t done anything in your 12 years of education and what you’re lacking can only be gained by joining them. A lot of comparison with other institutes and while being on that open road the fish can only now see the institute whose seminar he is attending. Just like a thirsty goat in the desert the student leap unto the institute. All they can see now is that institute. Little do they know is that the air castles they build are just about to crash. These very institutes take as much fish as their nets can grab. Now you must be wondering what will happen to the fish?

Well that little fish is now trapped in the net, fish can’t escape. Fish had paid thousands just to be in that net how can it just escape the net now? During the 3 months the fish goes through quite a lot of stages above all of them is enduring the summers. In a small net filled to the brim with just fish. What’s even more exciting about being in this net that whatever test or thing you’re attempting there is no result of that test. Fish is now responsible for everything. All fish can do is self evaluation and self blaming too. Why blaming? Cause most of the times fish is left with a question “why didn’t I choose any other institute?”

A move was played by these fishers last year which even resulted in re-conduction of MDCAT. The MDCAT paper of 2017 was leaked by one of these many famous institutes. It was claimed that some students already had the physics portion of the paper. The UHS accused the students of fabricating this whole story. Their stance was that the students jotted down the questions from the question paper on their hardboards and uploaded it on social media afterwards as a monopoly against the UHS. Little did we all knew we believed UHS. The MDCAT 2017 was conducted at 20, august 2017 and after the government took a notice of the paper being leaked the result of MDCAT 2017 was postponed till the investigation was being completed.

I could just say that a wrestling happened between UHS and the academies. I remember the court announced to ban the academies which offer preparation of MDCAT which wasn’t officially implemented as around 9 October the official news that MDCAT will be re-conducted was announced. And by 10 October the fishers came out with new nets. Fish gotta pay again to be in the net. Well I call fish dumb now as it’s reluctance on suffocating again and again no matter what happens.  What I wonder today is how can government let these fish hunters out when they themselves put a ban to them. Well this move clearly increased the income of these institutes. First they were all against these institutes that they sell papers for money and they all cant conduct MDCAT classes and I still remember by 10,October 2017 all fishers were back with MDCAT re-conduct preparation classes. The MDCAT is conducted in every region of world but I don’t see world full of MDCAT preparatory classes.

The government claims that these entry tests are mandatory to ensure no rigging and cheating happens. I just have one question that the board examinations are held under the same government why not ensure this justice there? And the last year incident really made it clear that government’s stance of no cheating and leaking paper doesn’t apply here anymore. If intermediate is underestimated this much then why don’t just halt intermediate for once and all cause cheating and hoaxer free intermediate board exams is just a dream. In my opinion test like mdcat and ecat should be conducted after matriculation where students can explore and determine what really excites and interests them.

Truth to be told these all institutes are the same. I am stating it again that I have nothing against any of these institutes but what they are doing is just using it as business. Its funny how in intermediate these institutes focus on gaining marks more than they focus on building concepts and in the entry test classes which hardly last 2 months they are determined to build concepts. All you will hear in these classes is that without concepts you can’t make it. The dream of the fish is just bait against the fish. What that fish score in MDCAT or ECAT doesn’t depend on what institute fish goes to, it depends on the times fish had revised syllabus. Even If you take a walk down the roads of chungi this very moment. The both sides of roads are heaped with academies. And obviously banner of MDCAT & ECAT stands out above everything. One of the very nifty acts by the syllabus setters is the physics for MDCAT students and chemistry portion for ECAT. It’s like they are determined to torture the students. This stage acts like a grind mill for a student.

If your one of the fish I can’t say anything but this “the test only comes from the prescribed syllabus” and that prescribed syllabus is from the very PTB books you studied last two years. What strikes my mind is why don’t the institutes which conduct these tests start giving MDCAT and ECAT classes? I am not against the conduction of these tests cause I believe you need to prove yourself to be worthy of that title and if earning that title means passing through this test then why not? But these tests are benefiting these institutes in earning millions to be honest.

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