A Generation Of Mental Health Problems

Our generation is psychologically unstable and why it won’t be? I remember the fear in which we were grown up; the fear of getting killed. All we used to watch on television was the death count of the bomb blast, happened the previous day. I remember the time when the death count below 20 was considered a peaceful day. Just imagine what a teen would have gone through seeing all those images on T.V screens. Seeing that on T.V sends shivers down one’s spine. So, isn’t it difficult to imagine what a teen would have gone through whose loved ones suffered in those attacks? It’s so frustrating, especially for a teenager, when you are facing something like this and you can literally do nothing about it. Moreover, you are the victim of terrorism and still the world labels you as terrorist. Has anyone ever wondered what a teenager goes through living in a fear of getting killed? What psychological implications it has on him/her? Not being able to go on school trips because parents aren’t sure if their child will ever return home. Not being able to play outside with your childhood friends because of a bomb blast that happened moments ago.

When you are in your teens, you are over-sensitive, and your surroundings decide what you will become growing up. Your mind is weak and can’t survive heavy blows. The frustration and anger keeps on building in the back of your mind and the next thing you see is you becoming a highly frustrated, depressed and insensitive creature with no reason to live at all as you grow up. You can’t find the reason and the confidence to do anything.

A society is built by its youngsters, and if the youngsters of a society are living with this kind of messed mindset, how can one even think of it to compete with healthy societies? What generation would we produce with these teens growing up to be moms and dads? Has any authority ever thought how these bomb blasts would have affected teenagers of the time? We have eliminated terrorism through operations like Radd-ul-Fasaad and Zarb-e-Azb but has anyone ever thought of what a generation has gone through and how to treat their mental health problems? We often see this generation to be insensitive, fearful or depressed. That’s all because of what they have seen for years on television screens and around their surroundings.

The anger and frustration is eventually released in the society in different forms. We have recently seen numerous suicide attempts by students of well-known Universities of Pakistan. If this is the condition of the “Intelligentsia”, what would be the mental health condition of those out on the streets?

Following is a note of an individual of this society to himself:

“Another day has passed, and I haven’t done anything constructive. Why am I like this? I am 21, for God sake. I spend my day literally doing nothing. I am depressed. I am heart broken. I have lost confidence in myself. I thought I recovered but no I am still the same confidence-less depressed person as I always was. Why do I lack this much confidence? Is this something natural or is it my fault that I am not confident enough? When will this change? How can I be confident? When will I grow up and stop doing silly mistakes? I am losing hope in myself day by day. I am 21 and still finding my purpose of life. Still finding that one thing that I am good at. That one thing that I love to do. At this age, I still couldn’t figure out what I want to do with my life. I am struck. I don’t see any light. I don’t see my future in anything. Will I ever know in this life what I want to do? What is the thing that I am good at? What is the thing that I love to do?”

This is the time we should start focusing on this issue and start proper psychological treatment for every teen that has suffered from mental terrorism. I think someone must seriously think about it otherwise our generation will grow up to become time bombs themselves.

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