Vengeance At The Hands Of Victim Of Wounded Ego

Turning her gaze towards the floor she passed him by, begging the God that he won’t follow her today. But like every other day her prayers at the altar of God are left unanswered. Her heart is begging God for mercy but God just let her words slip away. Like a chauffeur he follows her, and her discomfort visible on her face is taken as a sign of positivity. It’s not just him but also his yes friends. His yes friends who are maybe just around to refresh themselves, but they keep adding the fuel to the fire that’s suffocating the girl. She’s been counting the days and it’s been 20th day since he’s been following her. She asks her God if he is going to do anything. On receiving no answer and after her claustrophobic nerves give away she turns around and in the heat of her emotions and hormones slaps the very guy who seems to be her lover.

She feels empowered and afraid at her end. She knows that I can do something about these creepy guys who pester me. Now she feels proud about the adrenaline rushing through her system. Her gushed and blushed cheeks are the evidence of the courage she just showed. She’s ready to share the story of her empowered self. But at the other end the story just took another turn. The hero of the story is the victim of wounded ego and his yes friends would add salt in his wounded ego. They’ll rant how prudish the girl is, and how he ought to teach her a lesson.

His wounded ego would lead him to a victory, victory that’s an assault to the humanity. This wounded ego that we merely notice is what leads to the cruel destruction of the bird whose wings just sprouted. Now this wounded victor in his revenge singes the girl or molest her. Because in his book this is justified. In his book his actions are justified but her actions, they are merely absurd forecast of her prudish ego.

This is the story, story of girls of Pakistan who became the victim of wounded ego of brutal demons who dare to call themselves humans and men. And unfortunately we don’t do anything about it. We read such stories and just turn our eyes blind to these stories of brutality. We read policemen molesting a child only 10 years old and all we do is sigh. Our minds don’t even allow us to imagine the screams of a 10 years old when she’s deprived of her innocence. I always believe cries of a child can even wake up God but these cries are not enough to wake up human in these monsters. The cases we hear in news are actually the lucky ones because at least they are reported there are so many woman, so many children who are molested and their innocence is torn away from their fragile bodies but there is no one to grieve about their loss. Girls who are being butchered at the hands of their lovers and there are no funerals and no burial.

The lust in men eyes to prey on the body and innocence of young girl, wounded ego of men, superiority complex and dominant nature all lead to suffocation of woman. Woman who these men barely even believe are human. We teach a girl how to cook, how to do chores of house and all the other standards set by our society which make her a marriage material and feminine enough. Why don’t we teach our men ethics?

The point at which we are as a society we need to feed our men basic ethics. This is not a political or religious problem these all cases are due to the lack of ethics. Ethical standards to respect a woman have been deceased. Raise the ethical standards teach your boys that she’s as much human as you are. And all these yes friends who play effective roles in destroying a girl’s life. They are equally responsible for what happens to a girl. Just remember a friend can beat sense into a person and can also lead a person to the point of destruction it’s your choice. It’s your choice what type of friend you intend to be.

I believe many women, many children and young girls have suffered, preyed upon and molested. This needs to stop. We scream a lot when girls march on streets with labels in hands “Aurat March” but we stay silent when a girl become the victim of the brutality of men. Where is your voice when a guy comes and murder the girl who wounded his ego by slapping him? Where is your voice when a girl is singed by acid in public for rejecting lover? Where is your voice when police men molest a girl only 12 and pass the statement she was already sexually active?

I believe your voice is simmered down so badly that it hardly makes its way out of our chest. I am ashamed to say that a men’s chauvinist ego is wounded easily when women march to demand their basic rights but it isn’t wounded when one of them show the capability of being a monster.

The point of this article is not to defame men or abuse them my basic aim is a demand, demand to provide ethical education to men. Whether it be at school level or in our own homes teach them that women are not an object. We women are humans. If men would just accept them human enough as themselves, I believe many of our problems would be solved. Just the way you hire a teacher to teach your children scriptures. Hire a tutor if you can’t feed them ethical values.

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  1. Just a human says

    Thing is, people don’t realise this here, it’s not until we’re changing ourselves and this happens, we’re still stuck in old dirty minded misogynic traditions which has led to this,I hope for you and your family Good luck and good luck in life

  2. Normal human says

    I really hope your voice gets heard,I wish you best in life

    1. Anee Muskan says

      We’re rooted in old mind sets and educational institutions are the best way to change them

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