‘Girls Are Not Brides’ Do we truly esteem so?

Child marriage, deeply rooted in tradition, cultural and customary practices, persists an epidemic issue being practiced across Pakistan. It is defined as a marriage of individual; girl or boy, before reaching an age of maturity. In other words, reaching in age of adulthood and a female who could not have stamina to afford pregnancy. This deleterious practice is observed being run through all over the world without reaching any amendment to protect young generation from child marriage and let them own their idiosyncratic rights of being partnered after approaching a defensible length of life.

The evidence on growing child marriage in Pakistan are even worst to be learned where 21% of girls are married before their 18th birthday and 3% are married before the age of 15. These naked truths hold a worm debate appeasing our country ranked with one of highest number of child brides countries.

The report of UNICEF lets us down that our country; Pakistan, has the sixth highest number of absolute child brides in the world–1,909,000.

On the other hand, nearly 41,000 girls are forced into child marriage every day worldwide.

On top of that, Pakistan is often penned one of those countries where most of the females lose the good fortune of being triumphant by getting education at the very early age before living their lives with husband. The government, despite of being mentioned several times by professionals to veto this doing, has failed to seek curiosity to put itself into this pressing topic and deliver something copacetic.

However, the sufferings of child marriage have been threatening our young generation respectively shocking them to believe this is an act being taken against their initial rights and willingness. As a result, most of the females, being immature to the world’s happenings, commit suicide judging the best way to terminate their agony and frailties which were unwelcome sufferings.

Child marriage has made many experts raise solutions to root out this practice worldwide. But, in our country; Pakistan, this practice has rooted in extensively rather than being introduced to an ending.

Biological Impacts of Child Marriage

The impacts of child marriage are bridges which lead immature females to death. According to experts and years-experienced doctors, child marriage risks the immature females by sexually transmitted diseases, cervical cancer, malaria, death during childbirth, and obstetric fistulas. What’s more, this practice also causes depression and post-traumatic stress including a high risk of being effected with HIV.

Poverty: The driver of Child Marriage

Poverty has been resulted a cornerstone of producing child marriage where giving daughters in marriages helps poverty-stricken parents to reduce their high expense. The statistics jeopardize that more than 50% of girls from the poorest families in the developing world, are married as children.

The early married brides often come from very poor backgrounds where they had no rights to put light on the interest of getting education. Finally, decision of their early marriages would remain the only way to allow the burdens reduced.

Islam and Children Rights.

Pakistan is a country where Islamic Laws are considered to be implemented at every walk of life. Unfortunately, some laws are ignored to be raised implemented during stepping against them.

The Islam suggests that a female is never accepted to be given to a man in a marriage without consulting her first, if her constant favors the man by agreeing to whom she is announced to get married, so it is considered licit. In addition, a female, too, owns rights in Islam to annul her marriage if she is married against her consent.

Laws state that if a girl passes puberty is allowed to be married rather than she is 9, 11, and 15. Also, Islam puts rays on the acceptance of suggesting education as a very essential right of children to understand all the happenings of their around before making them pronounced brides and grooms.

Illiteracy Ends Child Marriage.

Girls in Pakistan are often raised illiterate, especially occupants of rural areas. Going school is culturally banned in some areas of the country where females are confined at the boundary of homes till their marriages. This estimate is quite true that girls who have no education are three times as likely to marry by 18 compared to girls with secondary or higher education.

We must have knowledge that today’s female children are tomorrow’s mothers, if they are raised illiterate then the process of child brides continues to exist. To introduce an ending to this practice, we must engage our females by putting them in schools where they have less risk of getting married before the age of 18. The longer a girl stays in school, the less she is early to be married.

How to Meet an Ending of Child Marriage?

Child marriage has paid no attention so far, as if it is not worse happening. The generation which is extremely poor of awareness of today’s world is today’s parents. Their illiteracy causing a rapid growth in child marriage in Pakistan where children particularly females are denied to education. To gain control on child marriage, we must create a culture of introducing negative consequences of child marriage to all parents. Also, the provincial governments should immediately outlaw child marriage as it already has no affirmative image of acceptance in Islam.

Ending child marriage will not be easy feet but the possible change needs works at all levels and across all sectors. To make this practice reduce, we should understand the complex driver behind the practice in different contexts and adapt our intervention in accordingly. In addition, the provision of income opportunities like microfinance to families is a positive change to gain control on it. Once the families have increased economic opportunities, they often don’t perceive their daughters as economic burdens.

Lastly, if girls are given the rights of education, they possess the skills and knowledge to find employment which means economically to support their families. This does introduce a positive change by preventing child marriage that happens due to extreme financial gain.

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