Diminishing Reading Culture In Our Society

It is to be said that, ‘A room without books is like a body without soul.’

We are not realizing but slightly and slowly this generation is moving towards the darkness of its time as the youth are now falling apart from reading books and being more engaged with their gadgets.

The reason behind this is not only the failure of our educational institutes to develop interest among them for reading books but also the declining culture of libraries available for the public.

What I have observed is that, this problem is more growing in the province of Sindh than the other provinces of Pakistan and especially in the economical hub of the country which is Karachi.

The public libraries in Karachi are on the verge of declining period, those which are available to fulfill the craving of the readership fraternity have the buildings which are not in condition to be visited as they all were built in Britishers era before Pakistan was created.

Also the reason behind this lack of interest among students to visit those libraries is the number of libraries in world’s sixth biggest city is only 20 which is not in reach of most of them.

Lahore which is referred to be the literary centre of this country have a number of book stores with reading space and the facility of café besides them so that the person can just go there and get benefited from this free of cost facility available to them while reading the books of their interest with a cup of coffee to get fully drowned in it if they don’t want to buy the book.

These book stores do have option of book issuing and the buyers can also be benefited with the reasonable price to buy the books they want to.

In this manner Karachi is not only lacking  a versatile culture of reading among people living here but also making them lose the sense of empathy as it’s the fact connected with reading books that they increase the feeling of empathy.

Yes its true, reading books not only increase the memory or vocabulary of a person but also increases the feeling of empathy among readers, as the children when they hear stories they not only increase their imagination power but also that increases the feeling of empathy towards others.

Parents should pay some attention on this side as well that their kids don’t only read the books of their syllabus but also others so that their knowledge increases with the sense of empathy among them.

I suggest that government should not only pay attention to build more libraries but also should make arrangements for annual book festivals across the cities where readers can buy books they want at reasonable prices and this will help to increase the interest of reading among non-readers as well.

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