MTI Myth and Realities?

PTI believes in Federation and functional autonomy of the provinces. Its main objective is to establish a welfare state where people should have political freedom, accessibility, economic opportunities and social justice. PTI believes on social and economic justice in the country where each and every citizen has access to all basic human needs and rights. As in Pakistan health sector is badly snubbed since 18th Amendment, complete disorder in the health sector as Provinces failed to develop mechanism to transfer power to district for better governance, accountability and transparency. The  situation were very worst especially in the backward areas where no medical facilities were available, majority of the Doctors interested to stay in the big cities and no one interested to work in the rural and backward areas hospitals and dispensaries. Consequently, District and Tehsil Hospital were out of specialist doctors in the whole province.

After coming into Power in KP 2013, it was decided by PTI to re-engineer the health system of the province, in order to provide better health facilities and change the Status quo in the health sector. A renowned US based Pulmonologist Dr Nousherawan Burki, a cousin of PTI Chairman and Prime Minister Imran Khan came voluntarily to KP for health reforms. Dr. Burki is the architect of MTI Act of KP. Opponent launched a baseless propaganda against Dr. Burki and accused him for getting high salary, wasting money on travelling, five stars hotels and lavish life style. But it has been revealed that Dr Burki did not charge a single penny for his services. Since the day first Opposition parties opposing to it, without any logical reason, just due to Dr Burki, because he is the first cousin of Prime Minister Imran Khan.

PTI believed on complete decentralization and de-politicization of the health sector. It is the part of the PTI health Policy to make District a hub of provision of health care to the poor people of Pakistan, for materialization of this financially and administratively empowered health board will be established to manage the affairs of hospitals. As per lines with the Health Policy of PTI, KP assembly passed an Act known as MTI (Medical Teaching Institutions Reforms Act 2015) on 13 Jan 2015 and was implemented by the KP Government on 15 Jan, 2015 across the province. The salient features of MTI act are as; Establishment of Medical teaching institutions for provision of better health facilities to the people, medical education, training and research as per international standards, Board of Governors for administrations and management of medical institutions for policy making, to ensure smooth functioning of the medical institutions, approval of the annual budget, approval of new programmes in the medical institutes, etc. The opposition parties blamed that provincial government trying to privatize hospitals on the name of Boards of governors. Board of Governors are for better facilities, improve services delivery, productivity and empowerment of hospitals. It is true that decentralization, de-politicization of the health sector is the primary, basic and fundamental aim and agenda of PTI. It is one of the key priorities of PTI since inspection of the party on 25 April, 1996.

The PTI top priority is to provide health facilities to its Citizens. In order to provide better health facilities to the poor people, Insaf Health Card has been introduced in KP since 2016. Under this project millions of people living below the poverty line will receive free medical treatment of Rs720, 000 in any government or private hospital of the province. It will help those who cannot afford expensive treatments. The KP government strategy to extend Insaf Health Cards to the entire population of the province incoming financial year. On the other hand opposition parties patronage their Doctors wings to stop Pro-poor and Pro-Public reforms in the health sectors of KP. The Doctors Wings of the Opposition Political parties, under the banner of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa Doctor Council, Pakistan Islamic Medical Association (PIMA) of JI, Peoples Doctors Forum (PDF) of PPP, Malgary Doctoran (MD) of ANP and Young Doctors (YD) majority the activists of Islami Jamat Talaba are activity participating in anti-MTI activities, due to their Political benefits to safeguard their parties’ politics in KP and to deceive the Public.

By introducing a biometric attendance system in the hospitals of KP has improved the presence of doctors in the Hospitals, before this system Doctors preferred to stay in their private clinics. Now more than 90% doctors present on their duties in government hospitals.

In order to provide better health facilities to the poor people in the backward and less developed areas of the province, KP government spending more on incentives for doctors. PTI government interested to provide every facility to the public in district hospitals that are available in the cities. In order to provide health facilities at door step. Specialist Doctors are paying more to benefit the public. The Province has been divided into three categories, A, B and C. In Category A includes, Peshawar and Abbottabad. Category B consists of Swat, Nowshera, Bannu, Swabi, Malakand, Lower Dir, DI khan and Charsadda while in Category C are Karak, Buner, Chitral, Hangu, Upper Dir, Lakki Marwat, Kohistan and Tank. A Doctor with Specialization in category A is receiving 80000, in Category B 100000 and in category C receiving 140000 per month. This policy designed to encourage Doctors to serve in rural areas rather to stay in urban centers. Now Political motivated Doctors Wings are opposing to transfer doctors on the basis of Domicile.

It is has been blamed by Doctors that Health reforms are against the interest of patients. But in fact, it is against the interest of the Political motivated Doctors Mafia. Health reforms are for the welfares of the patients, no single word in MTI act nor in any health reforms against the interest of the patients. People gave vote to PTI for reforms and health reforms is the key priority of the PTI. Therefore, PTI has the mandate of the Public and support for reforms in health sectors.

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