Marriages And Our Approach

Last week the story of Chinese human trafficking ring shook many across Pakistan, how such clever people exploit emotions of the people and trap them into fake marriage, but the things are much more complicated than this. Evolution is a natural process and just like all other things culture also evolves and transform over period of time. Just like other aspects values in our cultures are also changing.  The neo-liberal capitalist world structured on “Materialism” is changing People’s approach of life across the globe including Pakistan. And one of the examples of this change is our approach towards marriages.

The point is things like “Education”, “Respect” “Honesty” “Values” “Family background” are no longer valuable in our materialistic society all what matters is the “Money” especially when it comes to marriages. Nowadays “financial status” is the most valuable thing in our society. For many it doesn’t even really matter if one is even getting it from any illegal means. It’s not only about parents but about females how even their approach has changed over the time but both of them must realize that relationships depend on “Respect” “Understanding” “Honesty” to be specific it’s the values that act as driving force in any relation. We apart from that must realize that Money can’t buy you happiness.  This money minded (Materialistic) approach is affecting different aspects of our social life. The dowry culture is also inspired from such approach where level of relationship, love or affection depends on the price of the gifts one is giving to his daughter. It’s not only limited to this Chinese Human trafficking, but it is also deep rooted across Pakistan. One can easily find hundreds of such cases where the parents arrange marriages of their daughters for the sake of better future keeping the foreign nationality or financial status in mind and end up in similar situations like this. Similarly, there are hundreds of females across Pakistan waiting for their spouse to comeback home, but they don’t have time for that, as they are busy making money to buy happiness for their loved ones neglecting the fact that their families especially children don’t want money but want care, affection and love which they can’t give while living away from home for years. The rate of divorce is also increasing in Pakistan, there are many factors, but one can’t deny the fact that we no longer value our relations, while having such materialistic approach no one is ready to sacrifice or to adjust for the sake of relation.  Last but not the least we have forgot to value the small things in our lives and even the core values that were the major source of keeping the things intact in our life. And things will be getting worse if we don’t change our approach towards life and relations.

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