Education System In Pakistan

The major issues Pakistan facing now a days are poverty, corruption, ill health, unemployment and above all is education. Acquiring good education is one of the fundamental right of every citizen. Reforming education sector has always been a cosmic challenge for the government. If we talk about the educational system in Pakistan we see hundreds of reforms which were introduced in our debilitate education system by many of the politicians, leaders and writers. Unfortunately, all failed to achieve any notable improvement in education sector. If we look around our adjacent countries, it is to be appreciated that their accelerating educational improvements have got much better performance in very short span of time.

Our outdated syllabus is one of the flaws in our educational system. Same course of books is being taught for many of the years. The desideratum here is to update the course with the passing time. There are few traditional teaching methods which are being practiced all around in Pakistan. This method of teaching is often portrayed as an emphasis on ‘talk and chalk’. Explaining that, teachers spend a lot of class time by using board and long explanations and then by asking some occasional questions from learners only. The students are left with no question whether they have understood or not what they have been taught.

Nepotism is one of the factor which has been practiced in our educational system. It has become a prominent and grave issue of the system. Nepotism is characterized as showing favoritism towards beloved ones by providing them special favors and privileges, especially jobs. This is being practiced in all over the country, above all, in Balochistan where the educators with a very low profile of education are qualified in schools for teaching higher classes. This restrain the students from achieving any golden opportunity of being well-skilled and it also becomes a cause of increase in illiteracy. Taking in view all these drawbacks, we should stop such thing as nepotism in our country.

In Pakistan, around 23 million children are deprived of education; the very fundamental right, due to the long term negligence of responsible government. Whereas, the statistics vary in Balochistan where 1.89 million innocent children have no accessibility to schools. Pakistan’s public expenditure on education as a percentage to GDP is estimated to 2.2% in fiscal year of 2017 as compared to 2.3% of GDP in 2016 which is the lowest in region that sounds disappointing. The need of hour is that the funds allocated on education must be fully utilized on urgent basis. Still we are spending only 2.4% of GDP on education.

Education at university level also depicts a sub-standard picture just like in schools and colleges. Instructors at universities feed the students by providing them notes only and no concept. Assignments given to the students are full of plagiarism. There is no knowledge or skill of research among the students. Ultimately, a graduate from the university completes his graduation only with a piece of degree with no concept of or any skill. And then he complains about unemployment and lack of merit in the country. Actually he lacks all the basic abilities which are required for leading modern industry.

Gaining knowledge is necessary. It is not for someone else, it is for oneself to have better understanding of life and to compete. Present government has always given a highlighted importance to education. Imran Khan had been always talking about education in his party mandate. Now, we have to see that how current administration undo all the past wrongs done and take new approach to education sector.

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