Human beings are not immune to the distractions of daily life. We usually make plans for ourselves, but we don’t intent to take action. We avoid variety of tasks due to the lack of interest in the activity or in a lack of self-esteem. We are envisioning what we want our lives to be, but when the time comes to make a decision or take steps towards our goals, we procrastinate. We might go to bed feeling motivated to make a change in our lives but when we wake up we find ourselves falling into old patterns and thus putting off tasks to a later time. Perfection can also be the reason it’s psychological because it encourages you to put off attempting a task until you think you can do it perfectly. Procrastination can be associated with fear of failure and some are very concerned with what others think of them, crisis, low will-power and sense of guilt.

But wait a minute. Do you even know from where the word procrastination comes from? I bet you don’t. The word Procrastination comes from Latin word ‘pro’ which means “forward, forth, in favor of” and ‘crastinus’ which means “of tomorrow”. So procrastinators are in favor of tomorrow. We all are procrastinators, yes we are and everybody loves a fellow sinner. Start by acknowledge it accept the fact that you face difficulties getting your things done on time.

Procrastination is something that most of us experience once in our lives. It is not a personality trait. You have a habit of procrastination, particularly among students, especially when it comes to completion of your assignments and coursework. Poor study skills, inability to manage time, making notes, prepare for exams and academic grades put us in stress. Students usually prefer doing more pleasurable things in place of less pleasurable ones. Sometimes you know what you ought to do but you are not being able to bring yourself to do it. Sometimes the problem is not your ability but getting yourself started. Anyone can be a great student you just need to be motivated to learn how to manage time.

Work place procrastination has many complicating factors like your aim, your career, the place where you are working, the career that you choose, the behaviour of a boss and how people are treating you. All these may motivate you or turn you into a procrastinator. No matter how well organized you are and how much you are committed to your task you may still find yourself procrastinating for hours.

Do you know these facts?

  • Procrastination is not related to intelligence.
  • Men procrastinate more than women.
  • Procrastinators are more likely to be single than married.
  • In some people it is genetically influenced, so we can blame our parents for that.
  • Working under pressure may cause procrastination.

When you say it’s just a part of who you are, you don’t take responsibility for changing it, but when you realize it’s just a habit, that changes everything. Yes your attitude matters.

  1. You need to act now: Dedicate first 30 minutes to your task without getting distracted or interrupted, sooner you will probably find it much easier to continue. Sometimes it is not being in the work that is hard, it’s starting the work.
  2. Stay focused: You should be more focused and dedicated towards your task. Push yourself no one else is going to do it for you.
  3. Eliminate distractions: Solve procrastination by eliminating everything that might tempt you, avoid social media while you are working, block problematic website and impose other restrictions on yourself. That takes effort.
  4. Embrace Imperfection: Go with the flow. Let go of perfectionism that makes your task more difficult. Start doing your tasks anyway and write whatever comes in your mind.
  5. Get organized: Getting yourself organized for any task is a daily struggle. Prepare your mind for completion of task. Make a plan this makes it much easier to keep you up on a track.

So are you ready to stop procrastination? A little honesty can go a long way. Don’t back away from problems confront them. The solution could be simple. It’s possible to overcome procrastination, yes, you read that right but with efforts you must learn to raise the value of your priorities even if you do not enjoy doing them. The effects of wasting time, not meeting deadlines is devastating you should forgive yourself for procrastinating in the past. Bind yourself to good habits and restrict from bad ones, commit to your task and promise yourself a reward. Start your day off with meditation. Eat an elephant beetle first day every-day. Don’t compare, you are uniquely created to stand out.

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  1. Mariah Saleem says

    Procrastination is the habbit which makes us lazy . Due to which we remain far away from our goals. Procrastination is done in every field of life, which is not good at all… We all should avoid such act. This blog is one of the most motivating blogs and I really appreciate your work on it. Good job! Keep writing so that your words could bring improvement in the world.

    1. Jaweriya Riaz says

      Thank you for reading and liking the article.

  2. Sadiah Saleem says

    People do compare, society does compare and think that this will help in motivation but the truth is that not all human beings have same abilities. Everyone has a speciality and uniqueness which the individual as well as the society should recognize.
    Good job! Great points!

    1. Jaweriya Riaz says

      Thanks for encouraging me.

  3. Jaweriya Riaz says

    Thank you so much for this kind and motivational words. Thanks for appreciating my work.

  4. Jaweriya Riaz says

    Thanks for your kind and motivational words

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