Comfortable Environment For Autism Spectrum Disorder Children

This is the story about my son who’s 5 year old and has “Autism Spectrum Disorder”, autism is very common behavioral disorder nowadays, every other child is diagnosed with Autism, ADHD, Dyslexia, SPD etc. These children are mostly nonverbal, have problems in communication, socializing, they’re hyperactive, they’ve sensory issues. I had a wish that my children will be studying normally with other children in these structured setups, so I kept searching for mainstream schools since he was 2.5 years old, the schools that would accept my son, and I badly failed. Either they charged extra for enrolling a special child, or they asked for resource teachers that costed 25k+, or they simply refused to enroll. We autism parents have to bear the expenses of a special child 4 times more than that of a normal child. You pay the schools, the resource teachers, the therapists, that again charge you 1500-3000 per session per therapy twice or thrice a week. So let’s come to the point of this post.

On my search, I found a mainstream school that actually believed in inclusion. Their vision is all about making children happy, ALL the children!

Where I failed to develop a soft corner for my son from the world, from the family, from the surroundings, this school openly accepted him, the love I see in their eyes for all the children is remarkable.

The school’s name is Candy Club and is located in PECHS block 6 Karachi. Its preschool, a forest school inspired by Waldorf Education System.

They’ve an affordable fee structure, they offer need based scholarships, and they’re everything a parent could think of, for their child. They don’t believe in resource teachers as they make your child dependent. Just looking at the way how they treat children I enrolled both my children at Candy Club. And they’re more than happy over there. Where EVERYONE has the right to be happy, to live, to get love, to be included.

This post is to reach the parents of all those children who are looking for a mainstream school for their children in Karachi.

Candy Club, as the name says, they really sell candies, because candies bring happiness 😊

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  1. Dr misbah says

    How is your experience now .me in the same boat searching a main stream school

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