Something That Every Woman Needs To Learn

We are the society with norms which often give undue favors to some ‘human beings’. It is like what George Orwell notes in his novel ‘Animal Farm’ that ‘All animals are equal, but some are more equal than the others.’ These favored more equal human beings may belong to various socially constructed categories – the class, ethnicity, faith, gender, race or any other category if I am missing. Very unfortunately, these groups of humans have taken the advantage over the time to exploit the others. All of these social categories require a special space for discussion; however, this piece of writing is specifically focused on ‘gender’.

Undeniably, ‘woman’ has been exploited and suppressed socially and economically and harassed sexually in history and the same is taking place even today. Her right to education, freedom, decisions and fate making has been snatched by man – her counterpart. All this is condemnable and any sensible human being (regardless of social, sexual, ideological division) will never favor this act of suppression, humiliation and exploitation. Woman is oppressed. No second thought!

All sympathies with the oppressed women in Pakistan and around the world! My writings will always be favoring such women and practically be standing for their rights. My book ‘A conversation with a daughter’ is marker of what I think and believe about my daughter as a woman. In addition, a complete chapter ‘Is woman a second sex’ is present in my other book ‘De-idealizing Cultural Orthodoxy’ which also tells how the woman has ideologically been misrepresented and her rights being taken away from her.

Notably, when any oppressed gets liberated from the chains of slavery and exploitative forces, in few cases, the oppressed becomes an oppressor – rather a dangerous oppressor which is never a sensible act. The Oppressed should liberate in order not to be oppressor, but to take steps towards human positive values. This is true for ‘women’ in Pakistani society. Not generalizable though!

In my life, I have come across a couple of women who after attaining higher education, earning high titles and economic stability turned out to be very unhealthy for the society. I wonder if they could really contribute positively towards their fellow humans by establishing the climate of peace, harmony and respect amongst the others. Very surprisingly, some highly educated women have shown very disappointing attitudes. Their personality does not emit the vibes which can fascinate any human being. Being sweet and polite in conversation does not mean that we are contributing to the society and making very healthy relationships in our surroundings. Never! A healthy relationship in family, workplace and social circles is measured through the deeds. Actions speak louder than words which is very true. And this is something we need to learn seriously. Flattery and adulation are never tools to win the others.

We are very emotional people. Everybody – including media! In our structure, it is very inexpensive and less costly for a woman to humiliate any ‘man’ and assassinate his character. She knows that her voice carries the weight and worth and will never go unheard. She has earned sympathies from intelligentsia, media groups, and higher authorities for her weaker position in history. She knows that what she says will definitely be heard. So for this, out of personal grudges, personality problems, moral corruption, insecurities, professional jealousy, and so many other factors, she can do anything possible in order to avenge her counterpart. And she is doing it. She thinks she is capable of conquering the world and the people through her softness and masked face. In reality, she can never!

The masked people be it man or a woman always lose at the end. They never create space in the heart of the true and genuine human beings. We always talk of ‘sexual harassment’ against the woman which is condemnable; how about man being harassed? Is harassment sexual? No. Think of ‘MENTAL HARASSMENT’ for a time being. Man suffers a lot in many cases which unfortunately goes unnoticed. We are less sympathetic towards man; it is because we have a generalized approach to perceive man as a universal traitor, beast, treacherous and disloyal being. This is not a fact. All men are not the same. All women are not the same. Let’s understand the psychology of human beings as species. It is not only the problem of man and woman – but a general attitude and personality problem of the human race in 21st century. It is the time of crisis – crisis in human relationships; crisis of human values. No matter what we are, what gender we belong to, what school of thought we come of, we have the problems. We have serious inner personality problems which need a careful attention. Instead of making the most of favored categories given socially, we need to work on personality. We need to inculcate the values into our ‘human’ which could make others feel happy and secure with you.

The woman like man needs to be taught the art of living – the art which can guide in creating a peaceful world. Mind that education – not matter we are foreign qualified is never sufficient to humanize you (man and woman). The education is a failed concept in the world today for its interest-based instruction; it is preparing the mind for the values of exploitation of the people everywhere. I am a university qualified. I have never seen myself being educated at the universities; I have seen more hatred, jealousy, intolerance, and other personality issues at these academic places. Universities equip us with the skills of survival – that’s it!

I beg your pardon – I must address the women of the century who are highly educated, literate and conscious of their rights, let’s not create the world a place of confrontation, degradation, or suppression of the voices. Let’s understand each other – our differences, our similarities, our personality, our interests, and our contributions, our equally important roles we are bound to play in creating a healthy and peaceful society. I am sorry but I am disappointed at the attitudes of some highly educated females in Pakistani society. I am a person who never believes in division of human beings on the basis of gender, color, ethnicity or a language. I am in favor of human race. I am more concerned about the problems of human race than the problems of man and woman. I do not believe that man is from Mars and woman is from Venus. We both are earthly creatures equally similar and dissimilar in our taste, sight and emotions. Let’s learn to respect each other. Let’s work for human society instead of being so concerned about the sexual orientation. Let’s give way to peace and dignity to the human of the century.

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