“Most of the shadows of this life are caused by our standing in our own sunshine “.

Shadows being the dualist in essence: those of protective nature and those of monopolistic nature, sometimes leave us indecisive thus affecting the very being for years to come or even a lifetime.

Lost in the world of dreams and oblivion, sometimes, we don’t realize that the thing we are chasing for so long is nothing but a mirage; an illusion, a shadow. Apparently eye catching , this dream world leave us so bewildered that we cannot take our eyes off and let ourselves carry away . Knowing most of the ultimate, predictable repercussions, we continue playing with ourselves because the tinge of lusciousness attracts us the most and blinds us with eyes open. Here we shadow our real selves with the surplus ones knowingly or unknowingly.

Constantly standing in sunshine , our eyes go so out rayed by the piercing light that coming back in comparatively dim yet soothing shadows, we close our eyes and blind ourselves yet again on account of that high voltage sunlight that does not allow us to see. We shut ourselves to the stars who help us in dark like a blessing to see real light with all its beauty. Such stars shine for a while and dim away and we lose the last chance of survival; the survival from oblivion, from chasing the mirage, from out shadowing the very self.

Sometimes some of the horrific shadows from the past, overshadow the present and jeopardize the horizons of pleasant times to come. We feel so overwhelmed by those shadows that getting rid becomes, almost impossible unless saved by someone’s light of insight.

Away from the shadowed world there exists a reality; the reality of life still untouched like a virgin. Little shadows from the past, (the innocent childhood; unravished by any such haunting shadows) call us back to see the real us. Dancing by the side of railings under the twilight, we the little kids, unaware of the world of wisdom, relish the naivety with no pain except some physical wounds making us cry at the moment to forget in a while.

The isles of snowy childhood in me

Remind of the dreamland

Of unleashed happiness

To be relived in the times to be

Shadowed by some nightmares; striving like a fish out of water, I; from the corridors of fears, walk like a turtle with no lights to guide. Having lost the light of insight coming from the most Merciful, yet not hopeless of HIS mercy; I wish to get back that mercury of life. Lodging off this virtual world to get back that real sunshine in me, if fortunate enough to retrieve.

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