Historical Loss of Respect and Honor

Once upon a time, in Sindh there were rural people who were the symbol of love and harmony; peace was their first priority and primary relations among all were their sole representation. Interactions were observed commonly as per good picture of Sindhi society, members of Indus civilization were peace loving and humanity lovers.

As exceptions are present everywhere, almost with the passage of time, people of Sindh are underprivileged from their basic needs and have become helpless to earn and entertain the livelihood in sound manner. Moen-jo-Daro still depicts the pride and honor for the people of Indus civilization, in contemporary situations and condition a sad picture of Sindh is observed, which alter the real and ideal culture of Indus region.

From the great pages of history, where it is marked with black and white that people of Indus were great famous with respect to hospitality and owner of great civilization. Indus civilization was one of the most educated and literate civilization of its time. Now days, it seems totally a different story of peaceful people of great culture, whom had spread the message of love and peace all over the world by their great poets, writers and skilled persons. We can find the great charms of People Indus in the verses and poetry of Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai r.a. His saintly efforts has made the people of Sindh famous throughout the world. The message of Latif was the message of peace, love and harmony. From North to South, East to West; everywhere bleeding is going on, exploitation of honor, disrespecting of veneration, killings and murders in the name of honor, there is not any society in the world that is crime free but Question is that why we people are so weak to maintain our historic culture and profound civilization? Yes, we can admit that with passage of time changes become compulsory to decisive part of culture but it doesn’t mean that we have to lose all the good values of being great civilization.

Our small and little vested interests have ruined our primary bonds and mold our nation into distributed one. The people of Moen-Jo-Daro were very rich and elegant; they have great trends of business and happiness. Values have faded with unnecessary voluntary changes; new generation is motivated from west and Europe. Now modification becomes more common in all surroundings of Indus. Economic disorder in Sindh has deprived people from very precious values of love and peace. People of Indus are combating with each other in the name of very small or little things. Consciousness very rare to find because of quality education, in the past youngsters used to learn from elders by holding great gatherings at out sided places. Together and jointly they entertain all charms of nature and explore the new values to be adopted, now gatherings are vanished replaced by new advance and modern technology. People of Fifth generation have broken the bonds of love and harmony, they are profounder attentive to entertain the solitary and lonely rather than connect with them. They want freedom in the name of entertainment and enjoyment, they don’t want to get disturbed from anyone in their lives. Primary bonds love along with intimacy at Urban or rural areas are not so durable that holds solidarity which ultimately pays for the preservation of precious values and dignity of a nation. Rural people are still waiting for the great reformer who arise and fulfill their basic needs, as deprivation from basic livelihood has mold into worst form of the history. Every social institution is in the weakest form to manipulate the real essence of culture and civilization. It happens when collectivism is converted in individualism, when nation’s interests are deviated for an individual. An individual or member of fundamental participation in development and progress of community or society. We have to change and mold our attitude towards the better socialization and positive training of individuals by the adoption of sole values of culture which inclusively include the vital encouragement of love, peace and harmony. By restoration of love, peace and harmony we can achieve our lost historical respect and honor. We should have the most fundamental element of sovereign and independent nation which is tolerance. Tolerance plays pivotal role in restoration of positive and long lasting values in society. The beloved land of Indus has always denied the intolerance and negligence. Illiteracy and negligence are two important factors that have made People of Sindh involved in negative attitude headed for sad picture of Indus culture. All sides of any perspective are quite fine, there may be something that describes some ill thought out but we can’t deny out contemporary situation of helpless and hopeless people of Sindh. Every individual has to validate the role positive restoration of historic values of tolerance, patience, peace, love and harmony. By the acceptance of positive re-establishment of decisive values we can restore the broken bond of love. When the broken bonds of love restored, progress and development will be the fate of our oldest civilization.

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