Social Media And Its Effect On Relations

While there are countless benefits of social media and social networking; very few have noticed its impact on our daily lives and our relation with people around us. The way we communicate with our loved ones compared to communication back in late 90s and early 2000 has totally changed in a negative way. Today; we sit on a dining table with rest of the family members; but aren’t really communicating or connected to them; in fact we are connected with somebody who’s not even there (thanks to social media). People tend to say or acknowledge communication gap with family members; husband and wife to be specific; but they fail to recognize the very root cause which makes them to be somewhere else; be someone else; while they are not there physically. And that is ignoring or neglecting people around you; people who care about you perhaps more than who’re merely on your screen and won’t show up when they are needed.

The other major impact it has is on our minds especially women. It’s an addiction. Going through the timelines; walls; back and forth every other minute depicts how much we are in control of ourselves. The race of putting up DPs; pictures of food; restaurants; tourist points; honeymoons; sharing feelings for loved ones on social media with “people” who just happen to be in “friends” list doesn’t seem logical and makes very little sense.

Most of these things are personal; however people now like or probably forced (since they can’t help themselves get rid of this addiction; and they need to be ahead in the race) to build up their impression; show how well they are doing in personal relations by going out; having food in expensive restaurants; going to movies and what not. This impacts people who can’t afford to have food in good restaurant twice a week; it affects people who can’t go out daily because they’re on budget. There are people who can afford to be on social media; can see what others are doing; but cannot replicate the same for themselves. And since women are sensitive; they would set goals; expectations based on what’s going on “apparently” in someone else’s life. Life is practical; it’s different than what we see on social media. Irony is; people have started following trends based on their social media feed; are making their lives miserable; compromising their relations ultimately.

I remember an occasion when cellular services were suspended for a day. When I woke up; I figured I didn’t have anything to do because my cell phone was of no use. It made me think of things I could do without internet; so I picked up a book (after ages). We have occupied ourselves and are so much into smart phones; internet; and social media that we have stopped cherishing mother nature; stopped communicating with family; we have isolated ourselves; don’t do things we used to do before smartphones took charge of our lives like reading a book; having actual conversation over tea or a meal with parents and loved ones. Kids these days are all into tablets and cellphones that they wouldn’t even listen to their elders. Hardly see kids playing outside their homes; going to parks etc.

The extensive use of social media and smartphones is setting a dangerous precedent. I believe it to be the root cause of intolerance; disrespecting behavior of our generation towards elders; non serious attitude towards relations which demand and deserve due attention and priority leading to other social problems. It has severe psychological impact based on how one’s interpreting things or content being shared by others on social media. One can only hope that today’s generation becomes able to see the ramifications of it; and do not pass on the things we have started practicing today to coming generations. May sanity prevail; may we start utilizing technology and luxuries we have in a best possible manner; and do not let it take control of our lives and destroy relations.

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  1. Sumaiya Khan says

    i study this article and it makes me feel like the actual happiness of life is to be present with the one who is present with you right now…

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