My Country, My Pride

“A nation’s culture resides in the hearts and in souls of its people”

From 1947 to 2019, from Quaid E Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah to Imran Khan, from the old cultural ethnicities and values to this new alluring world, From the MOUTHWATERING KARAHI’S to the luscious DESI BIRYANIS. From MOHENJO – DARO to GILGIT BALTISTAN’S glittering beauty of hills, from F – 16 to JF – 17 Thunder. Pakistan stands PROUD to be one of the most UNIQUE country.

With its varied cultures, people, and landscapes, Pakistan attracted around 1 million foreign tourists in 2014, contributing PKR 94.8 billion to the country’s economy which represented a significant decline since the 1970s when the country received unprecedented numbers of foreign tourists due to the popular Hippie trail. The main destinations of choice for these tourists were the Khyber Pass, Peshawar, Karachi, Lahore, Swat, Kaghan and Naran, Murree and the twin cities Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

To boost our tourism industry, we will have to ensure safety and security in Pakistan and to guard this country we have our Police and The Armed Forces. The Pakistan’s Armed Forces are the sixth largest in the world in terms of numbers in full-time service, with about 653,800 personnel on active duty and 550,000 reservists, as of tentative estimates in 2010. Recently women have also been employed in PAF and Pakistan Armed Forces. Such necessary decisions played by Pakistan Forces show Women Empowerment however this is not enough.

A nation cannot exist long unless it has a high national spirit which may be called patriotism. Pakistan has a diverse culture coupled with the beauty of our people and in todays deteriorated situation, the Pakistanis stand united against any situation and are all ready to sacrifice for this nation.

Pakistanis also have a lot of hidden potential from in them from IT Ventures and entertainment efficiency to political skills but we right now need platforms to discover this aptitude. This will boost all types of industries and will also provide a good reputation for our country.

In this article, I tried my best to shed light on Pakistan’s beauty, culture and all other aspects. Before I end this, I would like to ask you all to take minute and think if Quaid e Azam was not there for Pakistan’s independence. Well I could not because each bit this nation’s soil has given me liberty. This soil speaks for itself. This soil reads destiny and tells what tomorrow holds. Let’s not all forget that our freedom would not have been possible without Allama Iqbal’s dream and Quaid e Azam’s daring abilities. Muhammad Ali Jinnah is credited with having altered the destiny of Muslims in the Indian subcontinent. He has contributed more than any other man to Pakistan’s survival and we all are very loyal and thankful to him. I hope this nation stands united to fulfill our Quaid’s motto; “Faith, Unity, and Discipline.”

“A Nation can only succeed when it has GODLY leaders”

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