Dear Life, with Love, from Pain

For the most part in our lives, pain plays a vital role in shaping it, in grinding it and in polishing it. But despite being such an inevitable aspect of white, we still try to stay away from the black. Despite being aware that novelty fades, we seek love in search for our peace.

Pain, far from its perceived context, is probably the most underrated feeling in our universe. We cannot help but stay away from fear of being harmed, from fear of being lost or sometimes, even found. Law offers cruel punishments for the culprits, and most of all, religion grants it as the final destination for the disbelievers.

But even in all that, what we often fail to realize is how, despite being a punishment, pain never resists from teaching its bearers, as its initial purpose, a new way to look at life. Whether a murderer, a disbeliever or even a shattered heart, the pain one feels never fails to teach its “followers” a lesson, even in the face of death.

On the other end, there lies love. A relatively simple feeling yet often believed to be the key to our existence. Love fades, and true love, if it exists, does not calls for itself. Love is, if looked deeply, nothing more than a polite response to our needs, our dependence and our selfish nature, so to speak.

It is no wonder, then, that one who loves the other and wants to keep them in front of their eyes every time possible, is no less selfish than one who murders someone for their money. They both want their needs to be fulfilled, in one way or another.

Brave aren’t those who just love, brave are those who love selflessly, who embrace unrequited love and those who can leave their love, for love. True love is not dependent on mere presence, it can even be unseen, and still, be felt.

But even in this simple yet complex attitude, pain plays an important role, if not the most vital aspect of its existence.

People often love to avoid the pain that may eat them inside, and often are they too shy and scared to talk to their inner selves. They seek others to do that job, those who, near them, ‘understand their nature.’ A search that once completed, and a match that once found, they name ‘love.’

A beautiful soul once told me that “you cannot run away from love, if you’ll get rid of this feeling then you won’t be able to feel any other emotion as well.”

But I realize only now what they really meant. Life lies in the midst of being loved and pained. It lies, far from any doubt, in seeking failure for success. In being dissatisfied for being satisfied. We continue to seek pain until we fail as that is where the new and adaptation lies, which is, after all, what life is all about. Without love, no pain exists.

Loving to seek pain, is the way to seek a balanced life in this universe. As in the end, satisfaction is responsible for the existence of mankind, in the deepest manner possible, and our success lies in never reaching that satisfaction where there’s no pain left, to love this life.

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