Warning! This Is A Virus

When the virus is in the air, we are warned to ward off well but how one can take measures against a virus that becomes a lifestyle; same goes for us being befooled over the course of history “This is the day upon which we are reminded of what we are on the other three hundred and sixty four days.” Mark Twain says it right referring to the milieu we are living in. We are fooled every now and then in the name of relationships, love, emotions, news, politics, media and somehow destiny that seems to be laughing on us having executed its prank like a pro prankster right from the word go. Like any other commemorative day, there goes a side-line slogan as well on mother’s day it goes like “every day is a mother’s day” or on women’s day it utters “every day is a women’s day” or be it Labor’s day raising the sideliner every day is a Labor’s day, and the list goes on. So here it would be justifiable to call it “every day is a fool’s day. Because we are being fooled to a little or a greater level every now and then.

These prank plays start showing up from childhood that is be lingered lifelong. A little kid is fooled by his mother in the childhood where she wins in making her child eat the stuff of his loath under fancy names and twisted recipes. Though a mother’s fooling her child is intended for her kid’s well being. Growing up we are fooled by the educational system where heavy syllabus is instilled in our minds leaving no scope of growth for us but being robotic to fit in the stagnant system. Then starts the ultimate race to earning livelihoods where well deserved candidates are laughed at vehemently in the name of favoritism. Many take their own lives because of unemployment and many suicide reports remain under reported due to social stigma.

Here to talk about emotions the easiest way to fool anyone by mere conundrum. All you need to know is a good command on playing with words. Youngsters are fooling each other in the name of love where to some the only purpose is time lapsing to some others (the one being fooled) it’s a matter of life and death, resulting in suicide attempts and most of them end up losing their lives. Social Media plays a very important role in terms of easy access. So many cases are reported every year some lose their lives and the ones who happen to survive end up being distorted mentally taking a hell lot of time to get back to normal life.

Living in a fool’s paradise, how can we forget about the corporate world which continues befooling the masses in the name of sale. Every next month we get to hear about some grand sale on brands to grab the attention of consumers with the tagline “upto 40% 50% & 70% off “. A prodigy of masses rushes to the markets knowing well that it’s a trap. Because nothing is fool proof to an efficiently talented fool. Similarly the trend of ‘no bargain’ leaves no margins of relaxation for the consumers. And they toom their pockets under the cover of sale the ever fooling plan.

Crème de la crème mockers – the changing political parties – who mock the subjects in every election campaign in the name of their well being to grab voters. And the poor masses continue hoping against hope for a better future; for a corruption free system; for equal rights, for secure living and the list goes on. People are still reported to have killed their own family member and then committing suicide for not being able to make both ends meet. Youngsters and even elderly people are committing suicide because of unemployment. So many people lose their life every day for lack of healthcare. But those at the helm of affairs seem to be mocking the poor souls with little reforms and endless corruption.

So let’s celebrate the day for being fooled throughout the course of history and who knows for how long. And they say who needs April fools when your whole life is a joke. So 1st April doesn’t matter, a fool is always a fool. Embracing foolishness isn’t easy but it’s something you have to do if you want to be recognized for who you really are. Although it doesn’t sound like the best thing to do, being you and looking like a fool is still so much better than looking wise while hiding in the shadows of other people. Wish you a very happy fools day – to the kings of fools from the queen of cools.

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