50 Most Famous Women According to Google

Errors are a part of human life. We can never say that a human has lived a life without errors, so is with the human made things. Computer is made by a human; the software installed in it is also designed by a human. Sometimes, errors become a huge blunder.

Recently, COED Magazine has prepared a list of Google search results that is now famous on social media in the forms of memes and funny posts. The post through which I started to search for it was:

-Go to Google

-Type 50 most famous women

-Click on the first link

-Check the NO. 7

As the instructions were given in the post, I followed it. I visited Google website, typed 50 most famous women. The first link I observed was of ABC news.

The list was shocking for me as it contains Hollywood’s worldwide famous the baby singer name was enlisted in it. Justin Bieber was on number 7. This was quite shocking because he is a male and also had girl friends in his history. But still his name was in number 7 among the 50 most famous women. This has lead to become a topic for memes and funny tweets.

It is not the fault of Google, because it is human made site and errors are possible. There is no reaction by Justin Bieber on this mistake but his fans are quite sad about it. As it was based on search results, we cannot blame Google for it.

This mistake is not only done on Justin Bieber, another famous mistake was observed that was when the name of American president Donald Trump came forward when you type the word IDIOT on Google. The CEO of Google was to explain and remove the tag. Another example of such mistake is that when you type the word BHIKARI the picture of Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan came forward. Google was asked to give explanation on it. When you type a word Zardari and search its meaning on Google, The answer you will get is Corrupt.

These errors not only effect psychology of a person but also can affect the social status and respect in society. Google must keep a check on such activities, so that the person may not be demoralized in front of the society.

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  1. Sadiah Saleem says

    Good writing
    I agree it effects one’s psychology and values. It is true that if these mistakes continue, depression will prevail. Media especially social media should be vigilant on this.
    Good job!

    1. Mariah Saleem says

      Thank you

  2. M.Abdullah Naveed says

    thats an interesting topic. we will be waiting for your next article.

    1. Mariah says

      Thank you and keep supporting

  3. Sarah L says

    Justin Bieber is an idiot and disrespectful anyway.

  4. Katy Perry says

    Justin Beiber.

  5. Srikanth says

    Really It will affect lot Of People. By social side also. So Hope Google will take look after this.

  6. Emon Reza says

    Nice Article.

  7. Ashlee says

    The list has been changed and updated and now people can vote up or down who they think should be in a higher spot.

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