Are International Organizations Vindicating Their Raison D’être?

World Organizations always have been tilting towards developed and rich countries with aplomb and turning a deaf ear towards voices raised against unjust actions of the latter, is an open secret now. Apropos that people always called for restructuring [these] world Organizations, because sans such steps rich countries will always be hand in glove with the former. Concurrently, assemblies of these stages pay more heed to the say of developed countries, thanks to the gargantuan resources provided by these countries for the functioning of world organizations. That’s why, it makes a news when proclamations or rulings come from such administrations against opulent countries.

These past weeks have evinced scarce and enlightened developments in functioning of World Organizations (UNO etc).  It seems the organizations which are known for advancing the agenda of status quo and showing a conspicuous tilt towards countries with mammoth funds on their disposals, have started defying their financiers. Two constructive and humane proclamations came from two different world forums at a very crucial times. First, OIC declared Indian atrocities in Kashmir a State Terrorism. The pronouncement followed Indian Minister of External affairs Sushma Sawaraj visit of OIC meeting on invite of UAE. It also questions the wanting explanation from Pakistan’s foreign ministry which boycotted the said OIC meeting in paranoia of Indian manipulation of OIC to give declaration against Pakistan. Second, International Criminal court undertook an investigation into the alleged war crimes committed by US military in Afghanistan. Despite threats of excruciating consequences made by the concerned authorities of US, the investigation team vowed to complete the said inquiry.

Albeit both pronouncements came from two different Organizations: one is a forum for Muslim countries and the other deals with International matters. However, there is one strikingly common aspect in both: their testimonies came against strong and ultra-rich countries. Reason behind the changed behavior of these platforms is still to be reckoned: could it be because perpetual censuring of these organizations by second and third world countries on playing a second fiddle to super powers has forced them to mend their ways; or it could be since so called world powers have past way too much over the line of humanity for their vested interests that it has shaken these forums from their slumber. This transformation bodes well for humanity. It is a good omen and implies that in a crisis aggrieved would have an access to an international forum without any discrimination.

If International Organizations keep treading the similar paths, their Raison d’être – protection of humanity and its rights – is vindicated already. However, this turn around in attitude of these Organizations also belies a [yet unforeseen] challenge: that is rich countries could dry up the financial streams of these platforms if their vested interests are threatened. The perennial powerful lobbies in these countries could go to any extent to ensure World Organizations toe the line. Special funds are earmarked every year in budgets of opulent countries to ensure their agenda is promoted at every level. That’s why restructuring world forums ought to be done in tandem with warranting ample funds for their efficient functioning.

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