How We Can Manage Hypertension

High blood pressure is a very common form, in this condition long lasting pressure of blood in contrast to the walls of artery ultimately leads towards the diseases, it rise the risk of stroke and heart issues. Many different researches show that those people who are pre hypersensitive have 66% increased risk of evolving stroke than those people who have standard blood pressure. The investigation for other factors for example smoking and diabetes also shows the similar results.

Hypertension mean that the systolic pressure is of 140 or more and the diastolic pressure of 90 or more. If hypertension remains untreated, than the approximate time from the high blood pressure to death is of 20 years. As hypertension is a silent killer, it often occurs painlessly, silently and almost without threatening, the patients even don’t know about their diseases, till it leads to organ damaging effects. Hypertension is on its final stage, when the organ failure starts and the patients are expected to live for few years until the destructive disease controlling is assumed.

Risk factors of hypertension:

1: With increased age the risk of hypertension increases.

2: The patients may have a family history of high blood pressure.

3: Increased weight or obesity, when the body weight is more than the normal increased blood is required to supply oxygen to body so that can increase blood pressure on the vessels that can ultimately lead to the increased pressure on the artery walls.

4: The use of tobacco harms the inner lining of the artery walls. The walls become narrowed.

5: Using too much salt in diet

6: Taking little amount of vitamin D in the diet.

7: Excessive use of alcohol.

How to manage?

1: The use of vegetables in diet helps us to decrease the blood pressure. There are many factors behind this because vegetables have less saturated fats and the sodium and also have increased amount of potassium and fiber. The use of fruits and vegetables also leads to the decreased body mass index, because they are low energy dense and few calories are taken.

2: Reduced salt in diet also leads to the normal blood pressure. Most of the meals and snacks which are packed have more amount of sodium; the young one as well as children eat too much salt in their daily diet. According to many researches, there are many indications of sodium consumption which is related to the development of hypertension in adults.

3: With age the risk of hypertension increases, but there are some ways through which a great difference can be created for example a proper exercise or daily walk. The patients of hypertension can control their blood pressure through exercise, by starting a deliberate work, some physical activities in daily life. By walk or exercise our heart has low need to pump so the pressure on the arteries will reduce.

4: Quitting smoking can also lead towards normal blood pressure.

5: By reducing or quitting the consumption of alcohol.

6: By consulting a physician and taking a proper medication.

7: By reducing the stress and adopting the healthy routine.

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