Islam and Liberty

Islam is a beautiful religion but unfortunately some people use it for their own sake or interest and misinterpret it in many cases.

No religion other than Islam gives the concept of equality. Just because you’re Muslim, doesn’t mean you have to be conservative. Be more and more open minded.

Many problems that Muslims face these days are because they are so worked up in their traditional values. Most of these traditional values have nothing to do with Islam. Islam is a religion that gives the faithful the permission to question and doubt almost anything. Don’t be scared to ask questions when you don’t understand something. Try to read the Quran yourself or its translation to get a better sense of what it is saying. If you don’t understand something, ask.

Keep an open mind about other religions and ideas. There will be a lot of times when you’ll get to make a decision according to your past experiences and personal judgment, but you should consult with religious scholars if it’s something that has to do with your religion. Many conservative Muslims who still follow their traditional values believe that women are below men. In fact, Islam gives more power to women than men. Try to bear in mind that, even though your forefathers have always thought this way, doesn’t mean they were correct.

Just because many Muslim families still do arranged-marriages (which is completely against what Islam teaches), doesn’t mean you have to follow their footsteps. Although you are still restricted to just talking to the girl, you can just talk to the girl with a third person present. Respect your parents. They might be little hard to deal with, but be patient and they will come around.

Remember that Quran has asked us to follow some permanent moral values like truthfulness or humbleness etc. These moral values are important for a good life. They have to be followed. Apart from them we can live our life according to our surroundings, inclinations and preferences. But we must make sure that they do not transgress the limits set by Allah in the Quran. God (or Allah in Arabic) created us to worship Him but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the “fruits of the world”. Remember, Halal circle is enough for the believers.

Remember in this modern era, things are set in a neutral view. You shouldn’t be discouraged if you find opposite beliefs, Respecting other people’s religion, and beliefs is essential.

Some people who even do not know the real meaning of Islam and true spirit of this religion, they themselves decide the religious boundaries, which they think make them ‘Momin/Mujahid’. They even misinterpret Quran’s verses and Ahadiths.

I humbly request them please first try to become good human rather than a fake Muslim.

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  1. Khalid says

    Good message… keep the good work going.
    Good luk.

  2. Raheel Ray says

    Totally Agree, We need the real teachings of Quran and Hadith, which we can’t get in our current multidirectional religion scenario… We’ve to think that what we’ll transfer to our generations other than the multiple school of thoughts localism and sectarianism . Some of Us are extremely extremist and some are extreme liberal.

  3. LASHARI says

    Indeed a good read !!!

  4. Raheem Arshad says

    Quite im depth analysis and we must spread the importance of Ijtehad as an imperative solution to current downfall.

  5. Abubakar Asghar Khan (韩步遥) says

    I have read so many articles related to Islam and Liberty but honestly this 1 surely the best out of the box

  6. Aizzan says

    good read

  7. شیخ سعد بن سلیم says

    ماشا اللہ بہت عمدہ تحریر ہے.. آپ سے ہمیشہ کچھ نا کچھ سیکھنے کو ملا ہے.. اللہ ثابت قدمی عطاء فرمائے

  8. Khawar 743 says

    All started when people stoped thinking and started listening. And now the myth is follow what your “gali wali masjid k imam said.”

  9. Hamza Maqsood says

    We have minorities protection law in constitution but unfortunatley there is no implementation. We are in phase of developing to develop for which we have to take miniorities equaly.
    Welldone we have to discuss this issue openly.

  10. Rashid Ali says

    Brief and concise piece of paper. We really need to think in such a way to find out what is actually Islam says. Keep it up. Allah bless you dear Sadaf

  11. Sanwal Hussain Kharl says

    Indeed~be a good human first that’s what our religion teach us.

  12. aqsa says

    we have to live ours life according to islam in that case ours all problem run way from us….its my thinking…

  13. Saman says

    We should practice Islam teachings not for the world but for ALLAH.

  14. Shafia Zubair says

    Thanks sister for presenting Islam in it’s true form and helping people in understanding this beautiful and only true religion in a better way. Keep up your good work 🙂

  15. Farooq says

    There are many points that anyone can disagree or disavow otherwise it was a nice blog. Keep it up!!

  16. Qurrat says

    Such an amazing article. We need to follow the teachings of Islam to be successful in this life and the life hereafter. Great work. Keep up the good work so that the thinking of our society can be changed.

  17. Abdullah Khalid says

    The best part about this article is to be open towards other religions. Because if you study other religions yet decides to choose Islam then you really are on the right path.

  18. Faiqa Rabbani says

    This article is so amazing

  19. Faiqa Rabbani says

    This article is amazing and helpful.

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