Watan – A Passionate Song For Our Beloved Homeland By Talha Nadeem

As 23rd March passed by a few days ago, many of us expressed our love for Pakistan in numerous ways either through art, poetry, music or any other form. One such tribute to the beloved homeland caught my attention and I was astonished at the fact that it was not receiving the recognition it deserves.

The song Watan by a young and talented Pakistani musician from Karachi, Talha Nadeem is an amazing tribute to Pakistan. Watan is not only beautifully visualized but the lyrics are soul touching as well and would make any foreigner fall in love with the country as well if they listen to the song.

The best thing about Watan that as compared with most patriotic songs today that it is not a remix or cover but a complete original in every sense. The music video covers all aspects of Pakistan from the representation to the country’s armed forces, the beauty of the country and its natural resources as well as the whole population of the country. In short, the music video despite being of 3 minutes and 42 seconds has beautifully covered everything regarding the country.

Talha Nadeem’s voice is soulful as ever as he is blessed with a gift. His vocal delivery shows not only the passion he has for singing but it also displays his patriotism for Pakistan. The lyrics are beautifully poetic. The lyrics display the love and passion one has for their homeland and how they will do everything in their power to protect Pakistan from anything bad. But it is mostly done in a manner which celebrates love for the country.

The song Watan which was released on 23rd March, Pakistan Day by Talha Nadeem is a gift to one’s ears and would ignite the passion one has for Pakistan within them upon hearing the song.

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