Screen Dependency And Its Effects

The emerging problem now a days among youth, children is screen dependency. Screen dependency makes people lethargic and don’t let them to do something productive, people are bound and are captured by the technology they can’t do anything on their own they are dependent on technology and that technology includes the time you spend on TV, Laptop, Tablets etc. also snatching the element of affection and increasing the rate of depression and anxiety among people. People are not even aware of what’s happening to them.

I don’t know what people do all the time on their mobile phones, also giving mobile to children should be avoided because they won’t be able to trust themselves they will always be dependent on technology, they would feel like they can’t accomplish things on their own like mathematical calculations, playing games on mobiles which snatch their ability of productive playing and listening skills.

Now a days screen dependency is becoming one of the major issues, people can’t resist themselves from doing so, always checking mobile even there is nothing to check, checking WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram all the time, now a days people sleep at 4:00 am just because they have to view all the videos updated by friends and people.

The trend of becoming so much involved in the social media makes themselves dependent which they are not realizing now because people like to spend their time on social media instead of spending time with people who are sitting in front of them, it’s also the cause of distance in relations because people don’t listen they just pretend that they are listening but in reality they aren’t.

It’s also the cause of creating psychological problems among people, they also experience insomnia, headache, loneliness and anxiety. They isolate themselves from others and suffer from mood swings.

They won’t be able to perform their tasks, and complete their job work also children they will engage themselves more in tablets, laptops etc they won’t be able to pay attention, they would lack concentration.

When you ask them not to use they will become aggressive, same with people who are asked not to use their screens but they mind it a lot and they don’t consider it as a problem with themselves they consider it as problem with other person may be he is jealous etc.

But having so many followers on social media won’t give you anything the time you spend with your dear ones will be remembered forever. Humans are the best creatures do good with people make them happy to live a life happily in reality.

People tend towards making more snaps just for uploading them and getting likes and comments, shares but in reality they won’t spend their time with their near and dear ones.

I would like to say not to use your screens if you don’t have anything to do with the screen just leave them and spend a quality time with your family and dear ones, because these videos these pictures and all stuff will come again but your near ones are your real assets.

Parents now a days prefer more to give tablets and mobile phones to their children in early ages so the child gets involved in that and the child won’t scrimp them but in reality they are doing really wrong with their own child because his health will deteriorate, their eye sight will get affected and they might develop speech problems.

When you ask people to shut down their phones they resist in doing that they can’t stay without their cell phones, a restlessness is created when mobiles are not reachable to people.

It’s a trend to use battery until it turns to 1%, I don’t know people do that why they don’t understand that they are now becoming dependent on screens, it’s alright to use it when needed but no one works on mobile all the time. Our muscles start getting weak because of the advancements of technology we are relying on rather than doing things by hands.

It has no advantages, it has adverse effects on life. Control yourself before the technology takes control over you. Just do the important tasks and then let mobile phones aside and talk to the person who is in front of you. I would like you to install the application of nomophobia so that you would know how much time you have spent on your mobile and how many times you opened your phone, through that you may get to know and if you really want to control that would be really helpful for you, but only control can be done if you are willing to do because nothing can be done abruptly, your willingness and courage will lead you to success.

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