Syed Areeb – Martyr of New Zealand Attack

Dear Syed Areeb Ahmed Shaheed,

You are not only an individual, but you are also a world within yourself. A world in which all the happiness is filled. All the passion to help others is loaded. A soul is full of desires as well as kindness.

You have a heart full of joy. You exactly know how to smile perfectly. You are so perfect in this that no one would ever know the secret of this perfection. Your smile is so captivating that everyone just had to meet once with you. That one meeting was enough to admire and respect you to rest of his or her life. From helping others to keep compassion for everyone is a hallmark of your entire personality.

My relation to you is five years long. Long enough to enjoy your humor to the fullest. In the office, you never have the emotions of a corporate culture. You always put a bright smile which was enough to take inspiration and enough to release the stress. Your spontaneous but timely jokes really have a separate space in my life. I will carry those moments with the rest of my life.

If I talk about more of our one to one relation, I can never ever forget those two days, which I spent with you for our exam preparation. As this is in-built in your nature that you never say NO to give your helping hands. Similarly when I asked you

“Yar Cost Accounting to parha de!”

“Please teach me Cost Accounting!”

You promptly said;

“Han Han yar! Is weekend per aa ja mere ghar”

“Of course! Come on this weekend at my home.”

Those two days are still afresh in my memory. Keep aside his guidance in the subject, the way he consoles me that you will get through this time was amazing and unforgettable. In those two days, his hospitality was immaculate. He never let me feel that I am away from home. His mother (though I did not meet her) was so humble and facilitate in every way possible.

During the days of our internship program, you remain the torch bearer for me as I was lagging behind. You were one of those who constantly backs me up that this difficult time will also pass. Just enjoy these moments as this time will never come back. And “Don’t take tension! (Again with your trademark smile).

There are much more to describe you as you are still here, somewhere smiling and backing me up. I cannot write “You were”. You still are alive as martyrs never die according to the Holy Quran and our Holy Prophet. You are the chosen one who met Almighty in a beautiful way possible.

Till we meet again in heaven (In sha Allah), Allah Hafiz mere dost!

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