Never Too Late

Life never remains the same. It has curves, steep and sharp curves. It’s a ride of emotions. Sometimes up; sometimes down and in every up and down, we all have to take some significant decisions. Sometimes by being impulsive or impatient, we take decision spontaneously; however, often we take ample time to get to the right decision but might get late. It is been said, that there are no good and bad decisions/experiences. There are good experiences, and instead of bad ones learning experiences. If we look closely, we will realize every experience gives us mind opening exposure. When we learn, we do not commit same mistakes twice. Seldom, it is absolutely normal to put ourselves in trouble and take unmeasured decisions because, if we will not make them wrong how do we recognize the sense of being rightly and wrongly taken? We will start lacking realization factor. Imagine, if Satan didn’t disobey Almighty, how come the difference between righteous and wrong doing, morality, and immorality, sin, and redemption came into existence? It was a decision that led not him but others to identify what’s right and what’s not. Similarly, when we make wrong decision, it opens up a new direction and a broader image of the world to us. The whole point of contemplation is, we never know what’s written in our destiny, However, choosing the right path is never too late and to make a decision about it either.

Being an elder child, I never understood the power of decision making myself. I always strived to choose between two options. My parents used to take my decisions on my behalf, and I accepted whatever they chose for me but it has drastic effect on my self-confidence as I have stopped taking control of my life. I start baffling in daily life matters. I started ignoring and peering things because, there was a fear. Fear of not been able to select a right option, else I will fall. Clock needle passed out quickly, and I reached in fact, stuck at university level. I struggled perpetually, to choose a field of my interest. I again threw the ball at my father’s court conventionally. I got admission in Business administration which was totally opposite to my interest. It was not because, my father chose it for me. That was mainly because, I showed no interest while he was taking my life’s huge decision. It was possible, if I would have communicated to him, I had chosen my field of interest. Fast Forwarding to the context, my participation later on, resulted in change of my field. I chose, what I really wanted to pursue and that made me an entire new person. Intellectual prodigiously, and strong headed. More delighted and enchanted. I am sure most of the students of my age, actually people of every age are still pondering to start newly. Do not think, take action anyway. It is never too late, to get back to the first stage after losing a game by taking pragmatic decisions.

More precisely, taking our own decisions make us ceaseless. Don’t despair, if things are not working out the way you want them. All you need is, imbibing someone’s positive energy. Absorb someone’s vitality. Why? I recently learned, that things we are fearful of, have happened to us already. Therefore, to be worried about making decisions, is itself a wrong approach. All we can do is examine things fearlessly. Initial action is to choose a path that is not deviating us from our original purpose.

Whatever we might be lacking in one thing is clear, it is never too late to opt whatever your heart demands, and to pave a right root. For instance, it is always acceptable to procrastinate, but to stand firmly after making it late is actually late. It is never too late to bend knees, bow down and repent to God for his abundant of blessings. It is never too late to attain a right track, if forget one. It is never too late to move on from a toxic relationship that is causing bruise inside you. It is never too late to say sorry, and admit a mistake. It is never too late to take care of your health. It is never too late to forgive, forget and have no regrets. It is never too late to accept someone’s love and reach out to them. It is never too late, to buy your favorite pair of shoes without looking for something even better. Lastly, it is never too late to contact your old friends whom you have not been contacting for few years, because ego comes first. Realization doesn’t come easily, but if it comes, take a decision without further delay, neglect the fear of wrongly done. It takes time to analyze but, possibilities exist everywhere. It is never too late, to choose a field of your interest and ace it later. It is never too late in life to chase a new direction all over again.

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  1. Aman says


  2. Nimra says

    Wonderful piece of advice!I loved the part of *never too late*. I wish people can grow instead of ageing only. My heart goes to every individual who is suffering from the fear of taking decision because they are uncertain about their ownself.

  3. Mah e Nao says

    Such an elusive piece of writing with a lil touch of purple prose!
    I loved it Amna❤

  4. AsadIkram says

    amazing piece of words….feels like reading my own story…Being an elder child, I never understood the power of decision making myself. I always strived to choose between two options. My parents used to take my decisions on my behalf…great to read it.Thanks for writing

  5. Minahil Ali says


  6. karhwa Khan says

    where you have been worked and used it as your introduction is enough to understand about your past right decisions….smile….get a Hilal life

    1. Amna says

      Karwha khan you have no right to judge anybody and to do character assassination, just on the basis of where one works. This is none of your business. also, in world full of hatred be a sunshine. Do not spit venom on everyone. People who judge women like you are the basic reason of gender gap in our society.

      1. karhwa Khan says

        AMNA you have a beautifull name but m going to explain you did not get me through my words….what type and kind of business news and radio channels are playing is really painful. How beautifully they are destroying, changing and reshaping ideaology of poor vulnerable people of Pakistan is condemnable. I objected such dirty games and also disappointed about such people who are even remained part of such dirty games and still not realised about the damage they have done in the society. Your short sight reply is the evidence of my objection is being right. I have nothing to do with someone’s charater.

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