International Happiness Day

The first international day of happiness was celebrated on 20 March, 2013, since then it is celebrated annually on 20 March. The remembrance of this day of celebration is honored in 193 countries. It was endowed by philanthropist and advisor Jayme Illien. In 2011, the UN General Assembly endorsed a resolution, recognized happiness as a “fundamental human goal”. This celebration is the day of fun and to release stress. The UN invites each individual of any class, plus commercial and administration to join in celebration of the International Happiness Day. This day reminds that the world is a happy place where we can connect with each other and make a difference in people’s lives. On this day we can reshape the environment and spread the happiness by doing little acts. If you want to be happy then try to avoid fake people or environments that can generate a stressful situation. Every day you should set the goal to make people laugh. Might be we face rejection but we should never give up and fight for hardships. According to research, every individual seeks happiness because happiness is the key to success.

  1. Challenge Your Phobia

Try to challenge your phobia, it will give you the inner feeling of happiness. If you live with your phobia and not try to avoid it, it can be the cause of your depression. Avoid your phobia, it will help you to get out of fear and fight with your depression, it is common these days and it may affect your way of life. Most common symptoms noticed in depressed students are peevishness or loneliness, insomnia, lack of concentration and lack of interest in events. To cope up with depression, stay happy, meet friends, socially active, face your challenges. You can overcome anything by these remedies.

  1. Keep Exercising To Maintain Your Health

Poor physical health can lead to mental health problems. Exercise is essential for improving physical health. It is a sign of positivity to take out time for yourself and take advantages of good immune system, blood pressure and cardiovascular health. Exercise, no matter how problematic things get.

  1. Do Not Judge Yourself

Express your adoration for yourself. No one can change you, be comfort who you are. Be self-kindhearted to enhance emotional health. In hectic moments, cheer yourself you should make yourself dominant and brave enough to fight back the situation that have been distress after. Let go your guilt. Forgive yourself for your mistakes. Mistakes are the part of our life.

  1. Satisfy Others

Happiness is for everyone, every single person has a right to be happy, and it’s a time of concern for our society. We need a drastic change in our social and educational system to educate people on the equality of moralities. Do things for others. Focusing on share happiness. Try to make at least one person happy every day.

  1. Boost Your Confidence

Keep learning new things. Keep your observance strong every time surround yourself with positive people and never think that you cannot do things, always think that you can do everything.

  1. Set Goal

Have goals to look forward for positive outcome. Be part of something superior, set goal that will make you happy for the rest of your life that people often become what they believe themselves to be. Get At least 9hrs sleep a day to release your stress and achieve your goal.

  1. Listen To Your Favorite Programs And Songs

Search for what’s good and what makes you happy. Do the things that make you happier instantly, watch your favorite programs, TV shows, and listen to your favorite songs.

  1. Enjoy Every Moment, Learn Into Agony

If you are seeking for happiness then find an enjoyable, relaxing activity. When you feel your anxiety level is on its peak. Sit with your friends and family to avoid stress. Practice positivity and gratitude in your daily life. To keep up these joyful practices, introduce habits that can help you maintain a good and confident mood. Learning to love yourself is important for happiness because it means that you have accepted yourself for who you truly are. This satisfaction can help increase your contentment and confidence.

  1. Explore Good things

Exploration is an opportunity to learn something new. Praise yourself for your efforts and your achievements, even for small successes. We might face failure or rejection but we have to deal with every type of people, by doing small things you can bring happiness in your life and in others life too.

  1. Don’t Care What Others Think About You

You should not care what others think about you. If you constantly worry about what other people think, you will never stay happy. Make a practice of sharing best moments, self-talk and do good deeds.

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