Job Opportunities in Pakistan – An Imbalance Situation

Pakistan is the 6th most populous country in the world trailing only China, India, United States, Brazil and Indonesia. Current population of Pakistan is 204.73 million. 39.8 % people are living in urban areas while the remaining people are living in rural areas. Current literacy rate is 58 %. Pakistan has faced different marshal laws and different wars in last few decades. 7.6 million Pakistanis are living abroad with the vast majority over 4 million people are residing in Middle East.

From last few years, Pakistan emerging under the democratic governments which are continuously electing after 2008 when former COAS General Pervez Musharraf’s party PML-Q lost the elections across the Pakistan. It was the time when PPP made its government after taking advantage of Benazir Bhutto’s assassination. PMLN made its government in Punjab and then in 2013 PMLN made its federal and Punjab government. Pakistani economic situation is going down and down from last few years. Current debt on Pakistan is Rs26.64 trillion and therefore situation has become worst for national economy. Pakistan is paying 6 billion rupees per day interest on loans.

As we know that, job industry is suffering badly in these days because Pakistan’s export has destroyed due to different reasons and import has increased up to very high level. Last few years were very bad for Pakistani industry because Pakistan had intensive shortfall of electricity and gas. Many big industries closed their units in Pakistan and many were shifted to some other country like Bangladesh and Sri-Lanka. Industries suffered badly due to wave of terrorism and other hand corruption of government sector as well. Education and real estate were the only sectors in Pakistan which flourished very rapidly in last few years.

Many big names came in both sector and invested billion rupees in education and real estate. Hundreds of new universities, colleges and schools opened across Pakistan and same like education sector hundreds and thousands of housing societies also launched in different cities. Real estate produced many jobs because more than 30 industries were directly and indirectly attached with real estate. Pakistani citizens and overseas Pakistanis had invested billions of rupees in different housing society but from last few months the real estate is suffering badly. Court also tightened its hands against big names and imposed different sanctions.

Education sector is also creating jobs in Pakistan but at the same time thousands of students are graduating annually from universities and the ratio of jobs is very low. Government is suffering from economic crisis and the percentage of new jobs in public sector has crumpled. Private sector is also suffering from new taxes and devaluation of rupee which created big challenges for Job industry of private sector. If we see towards different job websites like,,,,, and, we can see an imbalance situation in job industry. More than 35 % new jobs belong to Islamabad, 25% jobs belong to Lahore, and 20% belong to Karachi while 10 % belong to whole KP and remaining 10% belong to the rest of the country.

Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi and Peshawar have 90 percent jobs while the other cities have only 10% job opportunities and that’s why people are moving towards big cities. It is also an alarming situation for country because this imbalance situation is creating unemployment in rest of the country. Government should focus on these issues as well and try to establish new industries in small cities so their people will also be able to get jobs. Government should start new schemes only for citizens of small cities and should give them direction for work and business. Government has announced that it will create 10 million jobs so my advice is that the big part of the jobs should be for small cities.

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    totally illogical arguments, major cities are more IT intensive therefore they post thier jobs via job portal, rest of the cities may have prefered other sources of hiring

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