Paint Me A Rainbow

O Painter, paint me…

Paint not a portrait…

Paint me a portrayal

Paint me in all my natural hues. My imperfections and my wrinkles. Paint the lines when I’ve laughed too much and sketch my scars, both visible and unseen. Add to it my love and my desire. Load your brush with wonder but don’t forget my despair. Sprinkle pigments of plight as well as some pain.

Condense all of me…. into one single frame.

Let my colors spill out of your canvas. Varnish the virgin weave in the deepest forest green, the color of my youth. Make that first sweep – pure. A silvery dawn, brimming with optimism. Shimmery and unstained, soaring in a steady, upbeat flight.

Color my life in contrasts. In blurred blues of calm and ambers of hope. Bleed colors of sinister aqua and streak me in brittle browns. Show me submitting to innermost desires. Draw me embracing my deepest fears. Unmute all these shades, paint them dauntless and unafraid.

Let your brush plunge into that palette…

Smudge all the blacks and all the greys….

Paint me a rainbow on a rainy day.

Allow a beam of light to weave into my strands. Make my hair dance in the breeze, somewhere between black and brown. Let them flow untamed, as wild as my soul. But don’t forget to sneak in a tone of red, a hint of defiance. Secretly thread it into all this confusion. Ask the passing seasons to add a few ashen streaks. Let them run down these cocoa rivers, each rivulet shining deeply. Add a garland of scarlet, star-shaped blossoms – crown me if you wish – but let my crazed look remain just the same. A wilderness radiant with passion, a reminder of lost autumns and better times.

Make my eyes shine in hues of summer envy. The earth being kissed by spring rains, a tint that promises to stir life from dormant seeds. Stain them too, with the color of chocolate. Paint them melting in the heat of love, for they know the path is dark, but forever lit by stars. Sprinkle the divine night sky upon my lashes. Let their shadow seep through your canvas. Just a brush of black paint, lifting them up gently, like waves in low tide.

Let my eyes mirror my madness too. Fiery and intense.

Paint my irises syrupy gold, glaring into an invisible fire. Scarlet embers dancing within, flames roaring, and ready to ignite whatever they descend upon. Rage splashing like deep water currents, unleashed. Discarding any thoughts of consequence. Color them with endless depths of the darkest inks. Abysmal as Tartarus, holding a thousand souls and infinite secrets.

Don’t forget to color bygone bruises- purple. Lavender memories that still haunt my daydreams. Days where the gold sun refuses to shine and songs of bluebirds, drown. A blanched melody diffusing in the air. Shushed and silent.

But always…. always…

Color my heart….in tints of dreams.

My passion and spirit forever crimson. Paint me in tinctures that force you to close your eyes and make silent wishes. Spill my love onto your screen, awakening lost souls from slumber.

Paint me a free heart, despised by chaste. One that refuses to listen to dry scriptures or rampant decrees. A heart bent on taking the road never taken, on a mission to rewrite the stars and walk through closed doors.

Color all of me…in the first breaths of love.

For what else are we made for? Why else do we breathe?

O Painter….

Paint me in passion….

Paint as you please…

But don’t change a thing…

Paint me….as ME.

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  1. Flalalal says

    Wow…. Touched my heart

  2. Pamela Perkins says

    What a great piece of art as well as the poem behind it. I really enjoyed reading and looking at the painting itself. The words was so inspiring. WOW Great work.

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