If You Can Dream It, You Can Do It

The moon was there since the birth of the earth, there existed a distance of Billions of miles only to be covered by dreams. The palace stood high, the knights were strong, and there was a dark forest only to be covered by dreams. There was a nation scattered at the midst of the world, there was a home to which they belonged, there blew strong winds but they were not afraid at all as they knew that it could only be covered by their dreams.

They all knew that before achieving their dreams, they have to face hardships and failures and they did so. But there was existence of air of determination, steps of hard work and bridge of confidence which covered all the distances.

Everyman has a dream in his eyes. Some take it as an ordinary dream while some make it the reason of their life. Hundreds of No and thousands of rejections cannot change their mind.

Man looked high, in the sky, saw the gliding birds pass by and wished only if he could fly. Wright Brothers in 1903, made this dream possible by invention of first successful aircraft.

Man sailing through oceans, facing many sharks and tides; he found a piece of land. Christopher Columbus discovered a new state, America.

A blind and deaf author Hellen Keller wrote many famous books and dramas. She did not make her weakness her cause of failure but made it the reason of her success. She showed the world that nothing is impossible if you work hard for it. It is true that the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.

Thousands of years of slavery, a nation dreamt for independence. An ordinary lawyer worked for the betterment of nation from dawn to dusk regardless of his health. Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan is a man who gave the dream of his nation a practical shape

For centuries, there was a cold war between white men and black men. This war ended by the remarkable speech of Martin Luther King. His dream to fade the line stretching between them came true when on 20th January, 2009; Barrack Obama became the President of America from the black men community.

The days were bright and the nights were dark. This was the rule of nature. But Thomas Edison overruled and gave light to the dark nights by the essential invention of a light bulb.

Albert Einstein did not speak till four and did not read till seven. Everyone thought him as a handicapped child. No one thought that this child will present Theory of relativity and will win a Nobel Prize.

Distances were long and voice could not reach to the other part of the world. This distance was covered when Graham Bell invented telephone and voice was transferred through wires covering several miles in one second.

Man from land watched the moon and wish if he could walk on its surface. Neil Armstrong was the first astronaut who walked on the surface of the moon.

All these dreams, wishes and desires came true due to strong determination. They failed several times but did not lose their hope and tried for it again and again.

So, without dreaming you cannot aim your target. Dream is a necessary ingredient for achievement of goals. Without it, you can never think of it. Inventions and innovations are the result of mans dreams, wishes, desires and needs.

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  1. Zubair says

    gud saying….vry deeply

    1. Sadiah Saleem says

      Thank you

  2. Mariah says

    Your blog motivated me alot. Thank you

    1. Sadiah Saleem says

      Thank you and I am glad to listen that my writing is also practically working

  3. Javairia says

    Wonderful piece of writing. Keep up the good work.

    1. Sadiah Saleem says

      Thank you

  4. Salman Bhatti says

    excellent work, one more example we can put is IK, who effort for 22 years to achieve his aim to be PM.

    1. Sadiah Saleem says

      Yes indeed
      Thank you

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