Social Media – A New Weapon of War

Expansion of internet gave the rights to people to share their views on different issues. Few years back, when we didn’t had access to the internet the things where much complicated because people were unaware about the politics, about the lives of the politicians and about the war zones. Internet gave access to everything.

In 1964, the late Marshall McLuhan a media theorist and communication expert gave the term of Global Village and explained that how the world will be linked and how people will have access to the information.

Internet linked the whole world with some cables which are providing and sharing the information about all developments. People have access to the information and now they can share their opinion on national and international events. Social media was a tremendous addition in internet world which created a new society within the world which called “Netizens”.

Basically, invention of GPS and Internet supported mobile phone was the main thing behind extraordinary expansion of internet users. People were using internet on their computers when they hadn’t mobile phones but the real boost came after smart phones.

According to the annual report of “We Are Social” and “Hootsuite” total 5.135 billion people are using mobile phones in world irrespective of they have internet supported smart phone or not. Total 8.485 billion mobile phone connections are registered across the world while the total population of the world is 7.7 billion.

The world has 4.021 billion internet users in 2018 while the total number of active social media users is 3.196 billion and the number of people who are using social media on their smart phones is 2.958 billion. It means 52.22 % population of the world is internet user and the 79.48 % of the total internet users is using social media. While, the 92.55 % of the total social media users is using the social media on their smart phones.

According to the report, 7 % increase has been monitored in internet users since 2017 while 13 % increase has been watched in social media users and almost same 14 % increase has been observed in those who are actively using social media on their smart phones. It means increase in number of smart phone users was the actual reason behind increase in the number of social media users.

As per the report, 435 million internet users are living in Africa which means 10.81 % people of internet world belong to Africa. Total number of internet users in America is 741 million which means 18.42 % of the total internet users are living in America.

The total number of internet users in Asia-Pacific is 2.007 million which means the total 49.91 % of total internet users is living in Asia-Pacific whereas 16 % increase has been monitored in those who are actively using social media on their smart phone in Asia-Pacific.

The research report revealed that 674 million people were using internet in Europe in 2018 which is 16.76 % of the total internet users. As well as, in Middle East, 164 million people are internet users which is only 4.07 % of the internet users however since 2017, 39 % increase has been watched in those who are using social media on their smart phones in Middle East.

In view of the above research report, the Asia-Pacific has the half of the internet users which means internet is the most effective tool in Asia-Pacific to promote or disseminate anything. If we talk about the top messenger application in the world then WhatsApp is on top which is being used in 128 countries. Facebook Messenger is on second and being used in 72 countries. Viber is on 3rd and it is being used in 10 counties. While, only three countries are using WeChat and the three countries are using Line. Some other messengers like Telegram, IMO, KakaoTalk and Hangouts are also being used in different countries.

The research explored that 2.17 billion people are using Facebook, 800 million people are using Instagram, and 261 million people have their Twitter handles. 1.955 billion People used “laughing” emoji, 918 million people used “love” emoji and 359 million people used “sad” emoji on Twitter in one year.

Moreover, 73.5 % mobile phones are using Android devices, 19.9 % are using IOS while 6.6 % people are using other operating systems in their handsets. Monthly mobile data used by the average smartphone user is 2.9 GB and an average time spent while using different applications on smartphones in each day in 2 hours. The shared data have been collected by Google, Stat-Counter, Ookla, Alexa, and Ericsson.

Many researches have proved that the social media has become the new weapon of war and it can effect billion people very rapidly. India has 462 million internet users, 250 social media users and the average daily time spend using the social media is 2.26 hours. Total 73.8 million people in India are active Facebook users. On the other hand, in 2018 the Pakistan has 44.6 million internet users and 35 million active social media users.

Recently, we have seen a war on social media between Pakistan and India which could change the future of both countries. So, now social media is an important weapon for any country because it can affect the billion people and can change the whole situation.

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