National Command Authority of Pakistan

National Command Authority (NCA) was established in 2000 by National Security Council (NSC). The National Command Authority is Pakistan’s highest decision making body on nuclear and missile policy issues, and oversees all nuclear and missile programs. Additionally it controls research, development, production and use of nuclear and space technology.  It also ensures safety and security of all personnel, facilities, information, installations or organizations related to national security.

The National Command Authority’s policies are made and executed by Strategic Plans Division.

Some of functions include following:

(1) To exercise complete command and control over all nuclear and space related technologies, systems and matters

(2) To supervise, manage and coordinate the administration, management, control and audit of budget, programs and projects etc., of the Strategic Organizations

(3) To authorize undertaking of specialized scientific and technological work

(4) To prescribe specific terms and conditions of the employees including but not limited to, appointments, removals, promotions, transfers, integrity and reliability assessment and other related matters

(5) To create classification amongst employees based on the sensitivity of the functions, nature of assignment, security considerations and in the interest of security of Pakistan

(6) To take measures regarding employees in respect of their movement, communication, privacy, assembly of association, in the public interest or in the interest of integrity, security or defence of Pakistan or friendly relations with foreign states and public order

(7) To place such restrictions and limitation on the employees that are necessary in the interest of the confidentiality of the functions, assignments, jobs etc., being performed by the said employees or the class of employees

(8) To ensure security and safety of nuclear establishments, nuclear materials and to safeguard all information and technology relating to said matters

(9) To ensure security and safety of establishments and facilities etc., of the Strategic Organization

(10) To render security and ensure safety of serving or retired employees or any other person

(11) Authorize possession and use of fire-arms to security force personnel who are in the service of the Authority

(12) To take actions, issue appropriate orders and instructions as it may deem fit or in order to advance or achieve the purposes of its establishment and in order to facilities the performance of actions or functions that are incidental and ancillary thereto

(13) Take implementing measures and assist the Federal Government pursuant to any obligation on Pakistan relating to non-proliferation, safety, security accidents, terrorism and any other related matters

(14) To take measures in respect of the movement, communication and interaction etc., of any employee or person who is suspected of an attempt to commit an offence under this Act

(15) To carry out the functions of fact finding, inquiry, investigation, prosecution etc., of offences under the Act and to that end authorize any official of the Authority or entrust any or all of the said function, to any official outside the Authority partly or fully, as the case may be

(16) To declare application of any other existing law, provisions of law, rules, regulations etc., to its employees, procedures, establishment, sites, building, lands, assets, equipment’s, partly or fully, as the case may be

(17) To acquire property movable or immovable in its own name or in the name of a designated official or a Strategic Organization

(18) To enter into agreements, contracts and other like transactions.

Additionally, National Command authority has power to make rules in order to fulfill its objectives.

Ministry of Finance ensures all the funds necessary for its operations are available.

Moreover, no law suit can be filed against employee of authority if any activity is done in service of nation. It has power to override Civil Servants Act 1973, Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission Ordinance 1965 and Pakistan Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Commission Ordinance 1981.

National Command Authority currently consists of following:

Civil leadership:

Chair Person: Prime Minister Imran Khan

Foreign minister: Shah Mehmood qureshi

Interior Minister: Imran Khan (Current Prime Minister)

Finance Minister: Asad Umar

Defense Minister: Pervez Khattak

Defense Production Minister: Zubaida Jalal

Military Leadership:

Principal Military Advisor to the Government

Chairman Joint chief of Staff Committee: General Zubair Mahmood Hayat

Chief of Army Staff: General Qamar Javed bajwa

Chief of Naval Staff: Admiral Zafar Mahmood Abbasi

Chief of Air Staff: Air Chief Marshal Mujahid Anwar Khan

Secretary of Authority

DG Strategic Policy Division: Lt. General Sarfraz Sattar

Additional key figures:

DG Inter-Services Intelligence: Syed Asim Munir Ahmad Shah

DG Military Operations: Maj Gen Nauman Zakria

Body meet today February 27, 2019 on Indian Air force’s intrusion in Pakistan and discussed matters of national security. Pakistan’s prime minister has addressed the nation and said war is never a solution. If there is any more aggression it will be dealt with befitting response.

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