Narendra Modi the Hitler of South Asia

As Charles de Gaulle said:

“Patriotism is when love of your own people comes first. Nationalism, when hate for other people than your own comes first.”

Last century has seen a leader Adolf Hitler who took the world to war due to his obsession with Aryan race. In beginning of this century another leader in south Asia has taken the same course and his obsession with Hindutva has risen him to power. He is Mr. Narendar Modi current prime minister of India. He is seen as responsible for massacre of Muslims in Gujrat while he was Chief Minister of said province in 2002. Like all dictators both have mislead people of their country, distorted facts and took advantage of nationalism.

Let’s see which similarities they have:

Propaganda: Hitler and Modi used propaganda to advance their popularity and rise to power.

Political Manipulation: Modi used anti Congress rhetoric while Hitler used public sentiments in of left wing as tool to gain masses support.

Concentration of power: Hitler and Modi both believe in centralized government and consolidation of power. Hitler was ridiculed by ruling party of his time Weimar Republic for his ideas and Modi has also been criticized for same.

Indoctrination of youth: Hitler at time indoctrinated youth through education. Nazi party officials were posted in high positions to ensure dissemination of required ideas. Modi has done same with altering text books when during 1999-2004.

Industrial models: Hitler despite being head of social party opted for industrial growth through businesses managed by private industrialists. Modi has followed similar model by inviting global businesses to set up manufacturing facilities in India.

It is high time that Narendar Modi should act as a statesman rather than thinking of elections only.

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  1. Saeed Khan says


  2. Saeed Khan says

    There is a difference too:

    Hitler first got elected and then became a Mass Murderer. Advani, Modi and Company first became Mass Murderers of 10s of thousands of Muslims and then they got elected with the Largest Mandate in Indian History!

    Its only equivalent in Pakistan would been election of somebody like Ossama bin Laden as our Prime Minister!

  3. Mehmood Malik says

    In my opinion Modi’s acceptance, even encouragement, of hindutva doctrine is the main reason why India has become a very intolerant society today and if this carries on for the next four years it will directly lead to the break up of the country, when a governments policies discriminate against some of its own people based on their religions or ethnic backgrounds then the end result will be dire for the whole country.

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