Learners’ Pains and Gains at Academia

Education is the renovation of standards and principles from peers to next peers; it’s a vocalization of human capability and aptitude after some sort of academically attained learning. Enunciation of expertise through arts and skills in the best version of learning to a roadmap of destination for an individual to set the ultimate destination of goals and vision in sound and healthy standards for career oriented professional approach for the students. It is fact of modern era, Human beings are always inspective to explore and determine new real life and genuineness around diverse aspects of existence of human beings either as comprehensive learner or common knowledge seeker. Usually, uneducated common beings are observed with approach of common observation with common sense or learnt many things around the globe by secondary or peer groups. Education recompenses and substitutes significant innovative in progress and advancement of any country, their standard of schooling illustrates and denotes their genuine principle of innovation and modernizations.

Many learners are ceremoniously learned in different universities, they also entertain what is realistic and appropriate along with their educational drive without propositioning for their norms is apprehensive. Scholars and academic circles have a vigorous eccentric to refund towards cataloging of just and unpretentious standards of any community. Education is simply well-thought-out as unique social institution for the admittance of surpassing part and roadmap for others either as a state, a communal or advancement. In due course a best graduated people and broad schooling structure construct a nation-state to be straggled by other nation-states as a character exemplary.

Academically learners and academia are great resources of any nation, by regressive nation can be promoted in best version of contemporary condition or a progressive country can be drawn into regressive scenario. Life chapters of a learner or student at academia are full of pains and difficulties, these troubles suffer by a learner or student very badly. Effects of these troubles and pains have impacts rest of life after academia. Challenges are there to combat; adventures are surprise to be entertained and much more good and unwanted aspects have to accept and ignore by a learner in their time at academia. Challenges sometime mend fences before the career of a learner. From the window of challenges and problems some common dares like economic deficit, poverty and negligence are on the board.

Due to poverty and economic disorder our dearly loved nation bears lots of social problems which are source of creation for other social problems.

Pakistan is not an advance country; it is under developing republic where education is highly costly, there are inadequate figure of public institutions of higher education, colleges and schools where students can receive quality education as free of cost. Lack of pupils’ schooling in one’s generation can create submissive cracks of complications to endure the lifespan ecstatically.

Formally learners are continuously enfolded with numerous complications like language, fear complex, transport, psychological problems and list is bit long.

Economically difficulties are also abundant interferences for learners to get eminence schooling as they envisioned and aspiration to accomplish their ends as per established with assurance. When representatives of academic institutions and academic world are witnessed with prescribed and casual inclinations of learnings, it appears like a building of dreams without accomplishment of those promises. Unusually students-teacher relationship does not make a strong bond for learning sensibly for the future concerns, if individuals would not be the educated and literate ones then they will add the oxygen in illiteracy rate and poverty, which will decisively create the economic disorder. As many students are source of feeding their families, their difficulties must be addressed as priority by government and state. Students also face the difference, which are set out by curriculum and outdated syllabus with respect to gender, race, religious aspects as well, which usually penetrate students and some time they skip and quite to get education. Students have to learn and recall all unwanted things to pass the exam to get their paper called degree or certificate of school. Along with syllabus, Exam patterns are not healthy, Sindh is in circle of copy and cheating trends during the exams of schools and colleges, sometimes universities become helpless to stop cheating patterns, there are so many reasons and causes as nothing can happen without motivation. Then question arises that, what is feasible and possible solution of students’ problem? Who and by whom these headache will become eradicated? As legislation is full of education policies with huge gaps and flaws, a comprehensive and systematic educational policy is need of time, outdated syllabus and curriculum must be of contemporary in nature.

Education must not be an economic institute of banking system, like pay the payment and get receipt. It should be a primarily an academic institution for the comprehensive learning.

Students’ life is the life of horrors over bed of troubles and pains. This figure of fear complex remains dominant over the years in the life of a student. So, it should be made compulsory,  when a policy or legislation is going to reform, students and their overall life styles with respect to region, community and race must be considered as prioritize basis.

Moreover, Infrastructure and transportation must be well equipped and of advance nature. Facilities including basic needs must be entertained with complete set of accessibility and accessories for the future assets of country. Students must be treated as learners by teachers and administration of institute not as the prisoners and teachers must be considered as a guide and mentor one should not label them with inappropriate tags.

Conclusively, it is opted to mention the sad reality of life span of student invests against academics and career must be worth full after his/her certificate or degree.

Future depiction of progressive and advance Pakistan can made possible by facilitating and assisting students at every stage of their academic and career.

Career counselling must be on first page for the students, as they can avail best of their skills and expertise to gain sustainable aims and objectives of their lives.

Whole society members including parents, teachers, neighbors and responsible of state, have to collectively pay and play the role of good efforts to improve the life of students towards reformist and technologically advanced beloved Pakistan.

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