One More U-turn Is Expected By ‘The Imran Khan Government’

Once again the issue of the chairmanship of (PAC) Public Accounts Committee has been disrupted in the parliament. This issue was the lingering dispute between the government and the opposition and almost had been solved by the government in December 2018, two months ago over the nomination of Shahbaz Sharif as the head of the PAC committee.

As Public account committee is an important part of the government. It is that component of government which can fetch transparency and accountability of the government of its money usages (expenditures). PAC is the powerful committee of the parliament it works like a watchdog and monitor the activities of the government. It is considered an important requirement for effective delivery of services to the citizens.

In mid-December 2018 Imran Khan recognizes the name of Shahbaz Sharif as the Head of the PAC and clearly stated that we did and accept the decision of opposition in the higher interest of democracy. We don’t want democracy to be derail and also don’t want to make parliament dysfunction of its utmost functions. Opposition appreciated Khan’s decision and termed it as positive U-turn (Dawn, 2018).

Few days back government made an announcement about the leadership of the PAC that they are searching some legal ways to remove the opposition leader from its position (Dawn, 2019). Some senior representatives and some advisers of the PM are not happy with his nomination as a head. They have fear that Shahbaz Sharif can use this position to tackle its charges of corruption against him in different cases which he is facing during these days.

In past it has been the practice of the ruling government to give the chairmanship to the opposition party and following the trend after a long tussle between the opposition and the government Imran Khan followed the tradition in the interest of democracy. But now he is likely to take a U-turn over his decision because senior representatives and his advisers are making him aware about the possible and expected circumstance.

Keeping in view the whole scenario, Imran Khan’s government is expected to take a U-turn over its nomination of chairmanship. And the opposition has clearly stated that they will do boycott of the parliament if they do so and also will disturb the affairs of the parliament. Furthermore, Sheikh Rasheed volunteered to be the part of the committee which more intensify the situation.

Now, it will be the tough time for the government that how it will manage the situation if the government decides to remove the leader through legal means. Consequences will be an inside protest will take place in the parliament that will create an intense tussle which definitely will disturb the functioning of the parliament.

Also there are some mini budgets present is the parliament for approval which obviously will get delayed and apart from this there are many other issues which need to be addressed on urgent basis by the government will get delayed.

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