The Changing Geo-Politics

To deduce the comprehensive analysis over the robustly changing geopolitical position in the recent few months. Meanwhile, Pakistan transitioning its status from a complex national security state towards the regional strategic country. Besides, acute economic challenges in the form of bulging current account deficit, low public debt, and fiscal deficit, sane economic and geopolitical strategists are seeing light at the end of the tunnel. All of the Afghanistan neighbors are yearning for the peace and long-term stability, no one wants interference and the war at its border, and these include Iran, Pakistan, China, and central Asian Republics. The think tanks of Pakistan have clear thought or planning sequence that bruised, tormented and divided Afghanistan will not be in favor of Pakistan’s geostrategic. There are many slips between cup and lines, we have to understand the interests of different elements in this region. America intervened with 3 main aims i.e.

1)To keep close eye on the nuclear programs in this region.

2)To become the main actor of this region by engaging neighboring countries in instability and struggling economies.

3 )The economic importance of minerals allocation and control over its effective geostrategic position. But on contrary, America spent over one trillion dollars in the last 17 years but results aren’t in the favor of America.

The elements which are against these parleys between Afghan Taliban and America are darlings of American think tanks like drug barons, incumbent government of Afghanistan and the Indian agencies. In the past decade, India found an expanding space in this region to apply all the strands of Chankaya Mandala theory through sophisticated hybrid war. With respect to India, we can understand the strands of Mandala theory. In recent times the soulless enemy or competitor of India is Pakistan as they want to engage Pakistan in instability through sophisticated hybrid wars. In return, Indian can get the exposure of international market, sports and tourism. As we are observing India by fitting on chankaya mandala theory, China is the middle king, as trade with India is reaching about 46 billion dollars and maintaining deterrence as well. The flanks of the enemy for the India was Afghanistan and Iran in the recent times. India engaged them in the much disciplined form as developing chamber port with the Iran and economic zones in the Afghanistan. For India, Russia and America are neutral king. India deepened the fractions between America and Pakistan in recent time. We should be very clear that this peace process favors us but opposition is still here. As America is supporting this parley, we have to act as bridge between different regional states. We should acknowledged that this beleaguered situation in Afghanistan can’t be solved by only parley between Afghanistan and America. Pakistan should take all the regional and neighboring powers like Russia, China, Iran, Qatar and Saudi Arabia on same board in this peace process.

The relation of Pakistan with Afghanistan is bilateral cum multilateral relation. Pakistan foreign policy bosses should adopt prudent behavior rather than emotionalism or dramatic explosion. Pakistan should also contemplate on the sensitivity of the issue that, sudden with drawl of American forces might be not fortified the stability in this region. It is discernible, different elements are playing their vested interests with reference to Afghan imbroglio. For the long term stability in this region, Pakistan foreign office should develop the strong rationale and multilateral foreign policy in front of the world. The only possible solution in bringing the long term stability and prosperity in this region, Pakistan ought to develop a memorandum of peace and post war mechanism among all the major stake holders of this region. This engagement among the major stakeholders will lead to acknowledgement of Islamabad’s positive role and New Delhi’s belligerent approach towards regional security that in turn complicates more problems. We ought to maintain consistency on intra and inter interests. Pakistan need to pay grim attention to expanding its economic relation and trade with the states of Africa and the Middle East, and without involving in short term or long term wars of other. The independent, strong and goal oriented foreign policy will lead to amicable results for the Pakistan and this region. For the tangible results consistency in foreign policy, intra or inter problem management and foreign bosses on the same board will matter a lot.

Pakistan’s civilian and military leadership must appear to be working together with mutual trust in all respects for coping with foreign challenges and take courageous initiatives to create a favorable diplomatic space. Pakistan must make use of the new diplomatic opportunities that are knocking at its door.

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