Success of Imran Khan In Managing Disturbed Relations With Kingdom

Yesterday, on 17 February the Saudi Crown Prince shorty named MBS (Mohammad Bin Salman) landed on the red carpet in the state of Pakistan. This is his first official visit to the state of Pakistan after coming into power. Prince came to Pakistan with an agenda to offer and sign a million dollar deals in different sectors including oil sector, infrastructure, security areas, economic sector and more importantly to invest in the energy sector of the country.

Pakistan and the Kingdom are having good relations before the partition of India. Their friendship story is long rooted but there have been tough times between the two countries that made their bilateral cooperation a bit more complicated. This was the time when kingdom asked Pakistan to join them against Houthi rebels in Yemen for air strikes and then for Syrian regime fight and then to join multiple blocs related to anti-terrorism and security and Islamabad refused very politely to join them in their war of terrorism as the state Pakistan was also experiencing and countering terrorism in its own country and was in hot waters.

But the Saudi Kingdom themselves declare that Pakistan is with us in our wars as a Holy country. And Pakistan at that time made clear to Kingdom that our troops will only be there to protect the Kingdom and not to fight outside. These events put pumpy patches on the bilateral relation between the two countries which started since 1960’s from security concerns.

At the very start of 2018 the chief of army staff general Sharif send troops to Kingdom under the umbrella of existing security pact. And also made an official visit to the Kingdom to make the relations strong again. Imran khan after becoming the prime minister first arranged official foreign tour to Saudi Arabia. As the MBS (Mohammed bin Salman) had invited him to visit their country.

Imran Khan is the leader who gave support to the crown when different countries drawn of an investment conference which was arranged in Riyadh late October 2018. Imran Khan supported his initiative and tried to restore the disturbing relations between the two countries.

Participation of Imran khan in the conference state a clear message to the Kingdom and to the other countries that Pakistan is with Saudi Arabia and will be there for support in all fronts, including to emerge Kingdom as a hub of international business and to do investment as well. This showed Pakistan solidarity and association with its old friend. This time Saudi Arabia was happy from Pakistan.

At the end of 2018 when Imran’s government (PTI) was fronting financial crises, the government of Arabia gave a $6 billion to Pakistan to stable the country and showed concern over an expected visit to Pakistan in 2019.

In an interview Imran khan clearly stated that Pakistan is with the Saudi Arabia and will protect the country in hard times. Saudi Arabia is our old friend and we will keep managing our economic and strategic relations. And finally the efforts of Imran bring fruit to home and Yesterday, the Crown Prince came to Pakistan wrap up a million dollar deal with the state of Pakistan to make the country more stable and to show his concern in Pakistan as a stable and growing in all sectors nation.

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