No One Is Above The Law: Justice Asif Saeed Khosa Again Proved

Law is a system of defined set of rules and regulations which is enforced by different governmental set of institutions to regulate the affairs of the society by the use of penalties for the guilty. Law is equally applied to the all citizens of the society and it clarifies that no one is above the law. In every country there are provisional courts at the provisional level to ensure justice and also a supreme court at the federal level for the same purpose. These governmental institutions are the most trustworthy for the citizens because they deliver justice to the society and it is the utmost duty of these institutions. The department of police helps out these institutions to bring the culprit behind the bars and for its due penalty of the action he did.

Yesterday, on Tuesday the supreme court of Pakistan lead a three member bench headed by Asif Saeed Khosa for the hearing of Asfandyar case who was in along imprisonment of 10 years after the Lahore high court declare him guilty. Lahore high court and anti-terrorism court found him guilty in a murder case of a student Adil butt. But on Tuesday chief justice of Pakistan Asif Saeed Khosa reversed the decision of Lahore high court and anti-terrorism court of death sentence into freedom of Asfandyar by stating that prosecution was unable to prove allegations against him and acquitted him with respect.

Justice Khosa censured on Kanwar Anwar Ali who took prosecution and even then remain unable to deliver a fair judgment or decision and proved him guilty and kept him in imprisonment. He further insisted that no one is above the law and every case should follow the legal proceedings with due care to avoid such type of injustice. He raised up questions on the procedure of police department and Lahore high court migrates to probe into a certain case.

It was the third time when Supreme Court of Pakistan override or reversed the high court decision, first it was in Shahrukh Jatoi case when Sindh court acquitted the murderer and supreme court ordered to arrest him who killed the son of a police man in Karachi. December 2012. Second, in Khadija Siddique stabbing case when the apex court ordered to arrest the convict after his acquittal by high court. And in his detail verdict Khosa showed hope that high court will perform better in future. But contrary to Khosa expectations this happened third time. And apex court acquitted Asfandar in Adil Butt murder case after 10 years of imprisonment.

If this keep going it will damage the credibility of the most trustworthy governmental institution high court and definitely can do for Supreme Court if there will be no more Asif Saeed Khosa in the Supreme Court to safe the integrity and credibility of the institution. And the law which bring harmony in the society by its imposition will lead to injustice in the society. And the rule of ‘might is right’ will prevail.

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  1. rana says

    this is one side of the story, if we look at his past judgments, he consistently acquitted all killers despite there being concurrent findings against accused persons. he acquitted all killers, never punished them except mumtaz qadri because he killed a person who had been making mockery of islamic injunctions openly. from judgments of the most of present day criminal cases judges, it is crystal clear that they have practically abolished death penalty from pakistan on demand of European union. they r following agenda of European union. in past sc has never been interfering in concurrent judgments specially in criminal cases, i am sure trial court judge and appellate court judges were not blind. i am critic of mr. khosa

  2. Justice KHAN says

    How innocent your brains are? or might have less sensitivity then a normal human being?…… from your blog I can assumed that another era of new publicity just begun…..hehe……..So what should I call him Khadim-E-Alaaaa! of what ? Afsoos nothing else

  3. Mohammad Ijaz Khan says

    except NS, Zardari Shahbaz and khawaj abros. Can CJP stop CJLahore HC to stop favouring Nawaz Bros etc. Are they not considered above law?????

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